My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

First of all this is a great article about how feel in regards to race in this country.

I am neither black or white.

I beg to differ in your some of your views since I believe that you are misinterpreting events.

  1. Having compassion for a mother who lost a son.

The problem is not that people are incompassionate. The problem is that when a public report is written or it is seen in television, it seems to be declaring that the reason why someone gets shot *by the police* is because the deceased person was being targeted because of his race. If there is a beating of a black person by a black police man is because the perpetrator of the beating is a police man. If there is a beating or shooting or anything between two black citizens is because the government controlled by white people have left those neighborhoods unattended and there are not enough support programs for troubled back kids.

I plea to your biblical beliefs and understand that this is a people problem. People have prejudices for multiple reasons. Religion, race, political affiliations, economic position, upbringing, global positioning, origin. All those differences represent ideals which leads to actions.

It is not about race, it is about people. We are like that and unless you experience the relationship between different races I encourage you to isolate social media away from defining the root cause of suspected actions of people from different backgrounds.

My best friend is black, my only friend is black.

We differ on this matter but I still want his company and would rather not talk about this.

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