Can publishers use Majestic’s trust flow metrics to improve engagement?

With the digital boom in the publishing industry, content curation and user generated content has redefined journalism in many ways.

An important element here is the need for verification before journalists race to link to viral content to hit their web pages and social media traffic targets, as very aptly demonstrated by Craig Silverman with — a realtime rumor tracker.

So how can publishers make the best use of data to judge what might be a good webpage/social media channel to link to? What looks too good to be true? How can they make sure their readers still trust them?

With reference to data from top 100 news websites and the topical trust flow metrics gathered by Majestic SEO, Thompson Reuters comes up really high on trust flow at 82.

It’s topical trust flow values for business, investment and information services are quite high too at 58 and 68 respectively.

Being one of the largest international news agencies and known to be a trusted source of breaking news for publishers, is it useful to measure its breaking news metrics too for existing and new users?

Would they see value in linking to Thompson Reuters web pages? Would it help them understand their own links and backlinks and ultimately where their traffic could come from?

Likewise, when trying to spot websites that are trusted sources of breaking news, is it useful to cast the net wider to look for a larger dataset?

For digital publishers likely to see value in Majestic data, these could be some key stats to improve their understanding of their website analytics, and look beyond tools like Chartbeat for long term understand of their readers.