The Average Price of CoolSculpting

A lot of people have heard about CoolSculpting. It sounds good. It helps you look slimmer and feel better about yourself. How can you not love it?

Plus, there isn’t any down time. So what’s the catch? For many people, the thing they worry about is the cost of Coolsculpting.

So what’s the bottom line?

What will you pay when you choose CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has a minimum required price of $600. But the price will vary, based on the areas that are treated and how many sessions you needed, along with your goals.

That’s why you need to have a customized plan for treatment. This will be tailored to your goals, budget and body.

Learn about Coolsculpting Applicators

Since we are using cold to target fat cells — without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue (Cryolipolysis), one of the biggest determining factors is the applicator that is used. There are two different sizes of CoolSculpting applicators.

#1: CoolMax Applicator

Even though this applicator is the most expensive, it’s also the largest so it covers large areas. It’s often used with small applicators to get the effect that you want.

Small Applicators
When you book a session to have a treatment, there’s a good chance you’ll have one of these used on you. There are three different varieties that are available:

  1. CoolCore –This is often used on the abdominal area since its curved slightly so it fits the body’s contour.
  2. CoolCurve+ — This one is used for flanks and love handles for better suction. Usually a patient will need 1 or 2 applicator on each side.
  3. CoolFit — This is a straight applicator and it’s used for the backs of your arms, your inner thighs, and sometimes your abdomen for smoothing out bulges.

#2: CoolSmooth Applicator

Ridding yourself of cellulite and fat on your thighs is often nearly impossible but it’s possible with CoolSculpting. This can be done with CoolSmooth.

This contact piece is used on fat that can’t be pinched and that can’t be suctioned. It’s usually used on your outer thighs and since it’s cooling your tissue on just one side instead of two, it takes two hours.