“To begin the journey of writing all you need to do is a self — talk”

“You know you have written well if you could laugh on it”

“Deliver your very ideas until your readers having their mouth jaw dropped”

“If you have not yet figured out your purpose on writing, just write it as you are having a conversation with yourself. There is surely the point of pointlessness. Pointlessness will bring you somewhere, another infinity of pointlessness. Done, you have what it takes to write, the idea of scrambling ideas.”

Recently i feel the voice inside me screaming for self — actualization. But why is that? what kind of self — actualization that myself is desperately want me to do? i will begin to answer the second question as i find it could open the discussion more “spontaneous” and “authentic” simultaneously. The kind of self — actualization i’m urging to do is “TO WRITE”. Well, personally i still don’t know the reason why. My first presumption of that urgency is perhaps because of lately i often feeding myself with Ariana Huffington posts on Thrive or maybe from self — help books i’m reading, or maybe because of my friend who has just won a blogging competition. Let say if i’m inspired by my close friend achievement and so that her accolades trigger me to start writing without any preparation. Then i just jumped into the stream! welcome to this first post on medium of mine.

I always have this idea of it does not matter how smart and outspoken you are until your ideas are written. It means that my standard of how witty someone or how great someone is by how inspiring and how well and daring their writing is. As i read a lot of tips to start a good writing, i have a conclusion that there are likely two kind of problems some writers may facing while they are in progress of creating the master-piece. They are “the inspiration” and “the grit”.

Most advanced and well — known writer would say that inspiration is could easily found everywhere. At first i thought that opinion is a total BS due to my shortcoming of creating the imagination inside my head, unless if i’m in the mode of daydreaming.

Some writers might get the inspiration merely by looking from a fallen leaf. While me, instead of taking a slight of notice on that occurrence, my receptive sensory would more functioning when it comes to sniff bad smells such as my brother’s smells of farting. I know I’m indifferent. Laugh as big as you want. I’m not trying to make comedy here. Sense a grain of cheap humor? maybe.

So where we are?

Alright, now i run out of inspirations…..

Well, the point is, just write, do not hold on your self until the right ideas or inspiration come to you. Because there is no such thing as called “THE PERFECT IDEAS”. Especially if you are as impatient, impulsive, and total procrastinator as I am. Doing it WRIghTE now! Write now! Laugh latter. You will get my point.

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