A Perfect Solar Storm

A short story by Purcella Bella.

Orange Sky | © 2015 Purcella Bella.

As the ambrosia moon hung half full, low in the midnight sky, she shot straight up with her fist clenched. Waving it in the air she screamed,
“At least — let me see the Aurora!” Then turned, flopped upon the bed, and planted her face
firmly in the pillow, she muffled half heartedly,
“Mercury retrograde, be gone.”

Her face still in the pillow, she finally got how the solar storms made her feel, and how all that had happened unraveled before her. She’d come so far to see the Northern Lights, so many years she dreamed of seeing them. And thinking about the past… Just as quickly, again, she melted in her puddle of pity. In her pool of emotions, shards of the past glimmered and floated before her. And yet, as if from nowhere, instantly it made sense to her and she understood.

With her thoughts still trailing in her head, she heard her boyfriend scream, “Aurora!” as he pointed out the window. And as quickly as she sprung up was as quickly as it disappeared. Though, this time, she wasn’t sad — she had experienced her very own internal Borealis! And with a deep sigh, her heart settled even deeper. As full as it could ever feel, as full as it ever did. Then with another deep sigh, gazed softly upon his face. He, confused by all that had just transpired, looked at her inquiringly for a moment. Then, lovingly smiled back.

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