Will the real
food snob stand up?

by Purcella Bella.

That one time I dated that food junkie.

Mushrooms | © 2015 Purcella Bella

When in a grocery store, you can usually find me in the fresh produce section, whipping through pretty happily. But come the rest of the store, I get stuck reading food and product labels. I don’t do it for shyts and giggles. I do it for survival. Having ‘food allergies’ & chemical sensitivities is a high maintenance bee-yatch at times.

Food labels are stupid, no consistency across products, intentionally hard to understand & serving size measurements are a joke. Even organic and gluten free products fall victim to fuzzy labeling. So, for a good part of a decade I've been boycotting packaged foods as much as I can. It’s been working fine for me for the most part.

Except for the one time when I was dating this real food snob. He was looking in my fridge & freaked out when he saw all the eggs, fresh veg & chicken. Perplexed and astounded he asked — ‘Where’s the junk food? The sauces, the milk, the sugary treats’… Then when he looked in my pantry he was shocked that there were maybe a handful of cans & no treats, no cereal. Needless to say the date ended abruptly and that was the end of him. When it comes to my food, I ain't got no time for that. A girl’s got priorities you know. And real food comes first. Waaaay before any mama’s boy.

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