Hi Folks! Today, I think I’m going to talk about friendships and how to maintain them. Specifically, I want to talk about my experiences with friendship.Growing up I didn’t make a lot of friends and now that I’m older I feel that it is starting to become an important aspect of my life to keep my friends few, but close.

It’s also important for me to have some sort of common interest with my friends and try not to cross friendship with coworkers. I mean, I still get along with them but I don’t actively hang out with them. But we aren’t here to talk about coworkers. We’re here to talk about keeping friendships alive.

As time goes by, in a friendship, things will change in peoples lives. New jobs, significant others, and hobbies even change. Sometimes these changes make rifts in the friendship. Even thought things have changed that doesn’t mean that the friendship becomes obsolete. Take my friend Jennifer for example. When we first met we had a lot in common. we shared classes, enjoy doing the same activities like bowling and playing pool, and even liked the same music. As time went by, we both got kind of dull with the regular routine and for a couple months we didn’t do much together. That’s when she brought up the card game here boyfriend at the time played called “Magic The Gathering” (http://magic.wizards.com/). I had played the Pokemon card game for a while and i liked Yugioh (http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/) a lot growing up so I decided I would try it out. Within a week I had learned how to play and started playing regularly with them. We would have a great time playing this game and we’d stay up for hours learning new strategies to play against each other. We were able to explore more “nerdy” games like “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Diablo” together but Diablo doesnt take very long to play.

Eventually Jennifer and her boyfriend broke up and went their separate ways. I still hang out with The old boyfriend a lot and sometimes with her. but as of right now I know another important part of friendships is that sometimes people need space for awhile and that Jen is there right now. I’m still her friend even though we don't hang out very much anymore. Sometimes friendships have to be cut loose though. An old friend from high school hit me up about a month ago and wanted to hang out. We went to the bar for a few drinks but after sitting there with him for so long I realized that I had absolutely NOTHING in common with him any longer. not only that but he had become a person i didn’t want to be hanging out with because of his new “hobbies”. I left that night saying that I don’t want that type of person in my life and have not talked to him since. I knew that if i had continued to be his friend that i would eventually get pulled into some sort of trouble so I made that decision

My point is that Maintaining friendships are different for each example. Friendship are dynamic and can change overtime. You have to be responsible about who you let into your friend circle and sometimes things cant be made right, But that’s okay because not every friendship is salvageable. So in conclusion, don’t expect things to always be the same in a friendship, don’t be afraid to try new things because you might make new friends, and know yourself well enough to distinguish toxic relationships in your life.

this has been Dalton Purdy, signing off.

Magic the Gathering Official site http://magic.wizards.com/

Yugioh Official Site England http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/

Pictures provided by: http://funnyasduck.net/post/24171,


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