Saving the planet was impossible… until millennials stepped in, of course.

“Despite the fact that millennials are coming of age in one of the most difficult economic climates in the past 100 years, they continue to be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings — almost three-out-of-four respondents.” Nielsen

Now, stop and imagine yourself at the cash register purchasing your favorite pint of chocolate-chip gelato and then reaching for your reusable grocery bag. Go ahead and ask yourself why you’re using it and hold onto that thought!

Next, imagine you’re at the local jewelry store and you see…

It was already a long morning at work when John began running seven miles without stopping to take a breath. He felt like collapsing, but he kept going. His goal was to reach the local hospital as quickly as he could.

All he had on his mind was his wife, the one person he could fall back on.

Once he reached the entrance doors to the hospital, he finally stopped to collect himself. He felt terribly weak, but he knew he had to overcome these feelings. Only an hour ago, he was terribly shaken by the news he heard from…

Brenda R. | Blogger for Pure at Birth

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