Many years, 4C’s were a only standard of diamond grading.

Many years, 4C’s were a only standard of diamond grading.

4C’s are configured by Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

These has some relation with diamond appearance beauty, but since 4C’s are standard of rarity, not enought to discribe diamond beauty exactly.

Beauty of diamond is related with how light work inside of diamond.

Even if 4C’s grade is very high, some diamond has not enough shining, and most of diamond industorial people are knowing about it by experience.

But today, we have new addtional diamond standard of light performance.

It can be accurately discribe each diamond beauty.

The system comprehensively judges the light performance of diamonds and give one total grade.

Past a few years many Japanese companies adopted it and very succesful with it since it is possible to explain the beauty of diamond to customers as an objective and accurate evaluation.

4C’s are very useful grading standard, but by using new standard by integrate we can gain more consumers confidence.

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