No,it is not a guide!

First of all, I need to emphasize how this is not some kind of guide how to run a successful business because it is not. I will talk here about what questions are going through my mind before starting the whole process, so maybe that would be of some help to all of you who are trying to do same thing as I am trying.

Maybe for some reason you want to know my thoughts from the very beginning so you can compare them with your efforts, or you just want to know that there are people out there who are not wealthy and successful but they are still trying, I don’t know, there can be a one million reasons why someone would read this but it certainly is not a guide, so enough of this, let’s move on…

Where to start?

Aside of that decision, I got a lot more questions in my mind that I’ll solve the best as I can. As a guy who played vast majority of games from the very beginning of the game industry, I just can’t start making reviews of new and upcoming games. Okay, maybe I can but I won’t!

There was too many great titles in the past so it would be unfair not to mention them in reviews. Still, idea is to make as much reviews as I can but if I try to review most of games that I played it will took me years to finish that goal.
That’s not the way either, maybe it is but certainly I can’t come out with large numbers of reviews in beginning. For example it took me two months to write around hundred reviews and make screenshots for all of them, so now try to imagine how many years it would take me to review everything…it is ridiculous.

You gotta start somewhere!

Idea that I came with is to start with those games that I recently played so I don’t need to play them again too much, that will save me time for sure and keep me on right path. I can’t figure out when that exactly happened but market right now is overfilled with various games from indie to AAA titles. That surely was main deciding factor in my quest!

While graphics are still important, for real gamers, gameplay and fun factor is what most people are looking for first. Given that fact, I came to conclusion how it is not important to follow games as they are released, at least not for start.
There are many new and even old players who don’t have a clue about some games that they would love to play but simply don’t know they ever existed. Reasons for that can be numerous but it leaves me an opportunity to review old and new games in the same time while not to being outdated as there will be always people coming for the info about what to play,and I can start from a scratch that way…

…and so questions are just keep rising up…

One another problem is that I must include console games as they were and still are very often on my path, but on the other hand that is just too much work for one guy. Then again if I make for example Nintendo game reviews, new questions are arising.

First of all, I don’t know do I need to index everything as one big pile or to make sub categories, for example Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gamecube…or to make just two sub categories such as handheld and home consoles, as I said questions are just rising moment after moment and there are no answers coming as a result…

There must be a way!

There must be proper answer to all those questions but I can’t and won’t try to find them online. Yes, I am aware that there is all kind of tips there but I figured out it will just take me too much time and leave me confused in the end even more than I was before.

My solution is to keep it simple, at least for the start. From my personal experience, vast majority of complex and enthusiastic ideas are ending up as a failures, classified as “too much to swallow” projects.
On the other hand simple ideas very often can evolve in something really big because of simple principles and strong focus with given circumstances. Keeping things simple is still holding my hardcore band together for more than 15 years after 7 released studio albums.

That’s a solid proof for me to implement that principle in my game reviews site. If someone who reads this have same problems about making basic construction of their projects, they can follow my advice of keeping things simple.
I don’t know the way how things will play out but I know that if you hold on basic principle from beginning through the time, you will overcome anything, it’s “tried and true” method.

Marketing strategy?!?

Second and biggest problem or should I say obstacle will be marketing strategy as there are some rules that I need to follow while maintaining my original goal. Google algorithm says that it will be looking for genuine articles and sort pages according to relevance. Let me rephrase it, some guys on a Youtube are claiming that Google algorithm is doing that, is it like that, I guess I need to check for myself…

Other parts must be made by my hands as I can’t afford to pay someone to do that for me now. Perseverance is the key that will unlock that door sooner or later. Once again I believe the way is to look for answers inside your being rather than in outside world. I mentioned Google algorithm rules, it’s not that hard to learn those basics and then go on to try your best. If my tactics are not working, well then I will try something else, no matter how many times I fail, I will get up and try something different. In the end I will prevail for sure.

Look inside!

When I said it is best to look inside your being, I was thinking on finding your true strengths, this time for use in a sense of marketing strategies. To be genuine is very important segment that can’t be achieved if person is not honest. Many people are giving some AI solutions that an do work for you but i won’t go into that process as I really believe that no script based program can replicate our personalities, so I can fail only if world’s society would rather read something from robots than from humans. If that happens, well there is nothing I can do about it, I tried my best…

Doing your thing straight from the heart must lead you somewhere if you don’t give up. So, being yourself, keeping the focus and perseverance are essential personality tools that will generate positive results for sure. Once again, I don’t know how things will play out but I am drastically rising my odds for success with implementing that given approach.

Next level?

Expanding everything on a next level with a Youtube review channel and adding “news” tab with all up to date articles of latest happenings on game market will be next level but I believe how first wall is hardest to climb over, next one will come naturally and every next one will go smoother so I’ll discuss more about those chapters of development in future articles.

Do your own research…

If you are still here looking for real answers and not just to spend your time thinking about game sites, then you can try your luck with well organized guides at affordable prices.

Those articles or videos will lead you to success even more than my advice, still I am sure somewhere in those materials are written those essentials I mentioned before as basic standpoint for everything.


One more thing, I like to figure things on my own, that way I learn most out of a lecture but not all people are like that, so again if you are here looking for straight forward answers I recommend you to check those guides and see if there is something that fits you the best. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed my little presentation of what is really happening in my head before I even managed to put it online.
Also, you can check more about game content on my site:



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