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In the spring of 2014 I was a college student in an IT program applying to coop job postings and needed something to differentiate myself from the other applicants. I decided that I would start a blog where I document random things I found interesting. Sound really broad? That’s because I didn’t really have any particular focus in mind and wanted to experiment with different topics. I think in the long run this was a good decision as it let me see what I was comfortable with, what worked and what didn't. This is the kind of thing you can…

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Yesterday I was watching a talk by Ben Ilegbodu at React Alicante called Help! My React App is Slowwwww! in which Ben discussed some optimizations developers can make to help improve performance of React applications. He goes over many of the potential bottlenecks that may arise such as unnecessary DOM updates, reconciliation and unnecessary object creation. It’s a really interesting talk and I encourage you to watch it (link below) but what I found most interesting was his first point about unnecessary DOM updates.

When trying to optimize performance of web apps, we can look for actions that are…

Previously I wrote about how I became the maintainer of Saka, an open source browser extension that allows users to search through and load open tabs, browsing history and bookmarks. I talked about how I came up with a solution for unit testing the extension to give me confidence with code changes. I also mentioned that there were issues with integration testing that I ran into which made it difficult to test components that relied on browser APIs.

Today I am happy to report that I have found a way to perform integration testing on extensions and want to share…

UPDATE 1: I have written a post on how to perform testing for browser extensions using Jest, a modern testing framework here.

UPDATE 2: I did a presentation about testing Saka at OTPP dev days available here (see README for link!)

In April I became the maintainer of Saka, a browser extension that allows users to search through their tabs, bookmarks and history. The original goal of Saka was to provide an elegant tab search but this soon evolved to include recently closed tabs, bookmarks and history when the original maintainer eejdoowad recognized that users search for tabs the same way they search bookmarks and history. This was an important insight and it has helped make Saka a valuable productivity tool.

When I became the maintainer I was surprised at the absence of tests in the project. There were several components…

It’s 2018 and it’s time for an update to the JavaScript standard. In January this year the TC39 committee released the latest changes to the ECMAScript standard, appropriately called ECMAScript 2018. One of the changes coming in this update is the introduction of Asynchronous Iteration and the for-await-of loop to iterate over asynchronous functions like generators and promises.

Synchronous Iteration

The form of iteration JS programmers are used to using is called Synchronous Iteration. It is used to iterate over things like an array or a function that has completes execution and returns a result.

It is possible for you to implement…

In this post I want to talk about how React renders components, and how it tries to improve performance by using its reconciliation algorithm to only update the parts of the DOM that need updating. This is not meant to be an introduction to React, but I will quickly go over some of the relevant foundation concepts in the next section.

What Is React?

React is an open source JavaScript library created by Facebook to address some of the needs they had when dealing with the development of the Facebook website. React has played an important role in the evolution of JavaScript Frameworks…

A dive into how to test JavaFX applications using TestFX.

If you just want to read about how to use TestFX skip to the “Setting Up Our Application” section.

I recently started working at a company that has a very heavy reliance on Java applications. As a primarily Python, Javascript and C++ developer, I had not used Java for a few years so given the obvious fact that I would have to get comfortable with using Java on a day to day basis, I decided to work on a small project in Java to get my feet wet.

The Application

While thinking…

It’s been about 3 months now since I switched over to Medium from Wordpress. Now that I have had a chance to experience it a bit I think I can provide a comparison between Medium and Wordpress.


  • Simple, easy to use interface, almost never have to drill down menus looking for options
  • Super easy to use editor, its basically blank and you only see what you write until you want to insert something, save or publish your post
  • “Reads” statistics, this lets you see how many people that visit a specific post actually bother to scroll down or read it…

Brian Krebs is a well-known and respected reporter who covers many different topics in the security industry, often involving data breaches and ATM skimmers. However, Krebs has always been unpopular among the financial and cyber criminals of the world given his uncanny ability to uncover the dirt on how they perform their criminal operations. He is also the author of the NYT Best Seller Spam Nation, a book detailing the operations of cyber criminals who use spam emails to make money as well as their wars with competing spammers. …

As the Silk Road case winds down, Ars Technica posted a great article (seriously, read it) summarizing one of the most interesting aspects of the entire case.

It is the story of how two corrupt officers in the DEA and Secret Service attempted to use the Silk Road investigations to illegally profit from and abuse the authority entrusted to them. After reading the article above I became interested in the case and decided to read the criminal complaint filing. …

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