Pure Cow Milk in Delhi NCR

Most of the Indian have milk in their prominent diet. Milk has so prominent features that in our daily food it has gained culture and even, religious significance. With the limited amount of milk-producing cattle most of the Indian faces difficulty in meeting the demands of the country, due to post-independence explosion population. To solved most of the problem, modern technology came into existence to cattle rearing and breeding. Milk become available in all around the country at very nominal rates. Fresh milk was available and raw cow milk industry also employed thousands of people for delivery of best milk into the country.

However, happy phase did not last forever, by some corrupt milkmen adulteration was introduced. And gradually, it becomes rampant. There was a time when the fresh organic milk delivery of cow hardly available but now milkmen do adulteration and add flavors, colors, chalk, and flour. Some evil milkmen use harmful adulteration in milk which can harm the individual body and sickness in many. However, the good news is that the government has set up monitoring committee and very strict to look into the issue of milk adulteration, and food adulteration in a larger view. Only the compliance's have the right to produce and market milk, this norm and regulatory standard are being set.