When you hear the word change???What comes to mind???. A lot of times change is the last thing anyone wants to hear. I remember one game that we play during warm ups for the Andela boot-camp called walk-stop(i think) where as the game progresses you keep unlearning a concept and learning a new one. At first the commands are the ones we know from day to day life like walk to walk and stop to stop. After a while it changes to walk to stop and stop to walk (see what i mean???) The game’s functionality keeps increasing as well as the reversals and this mundane game sets to prove how hard it is to unlearn concepts and adapt to new ones.

At Andela I had to unlearn the concept of African Timing. It is something I had overlooked for a while and was always rushing to submit deadlines at the eleventh hour. During week one I decided to focus on the benefits of doing things on time . I also examined my reasons for being a last minute kind of person and found out that it was because nothing had ever gone wrong when i did that. I accepted that I had to learn something new to help me work on my deficiencies .

Change and growth mindset go hand in hand and I believe that with the continuous learning and unlearning, I will gain a better understanding of myself and of the world around me.Therefore, whatever life throws at me , I will find the best way to adapt in order to survive.