This week has been one amazing one as I got inducted into the Andela community . I have learnt a lot and gotten the broader picture of what it really means to be a fellow. First things first: read thy emails: I have received so many emails this week that i figured performing the specified instruction is the only way to solve this. Read them, really. Slack, slack , slack, coolest work messaging app I have encountered, well sooo far and like alot of the other technologies and applications that I got to know about through the technology department.

I learnt about the EPIC values of Andela that narrow down to Excellence , Passion, Integrity and Commitment. I came to an understanding of the self learning from the learning department. On how I should learn how to learn (cool right??). Leaaaaaaarn how to leaaaaarn ???? whaaaat? Completely sounds like a foreign concept but trust that at Andela it exists. I also attended one of the talks by Kent Beck and he discussed the process of learning and one thing that did strike me was when he said to always be curious and dissatisfied. To think differently from everyone else and to ask the why rather than the how and this really got my mind thinking and questioning how I approach learning.

Earlier today we also had a soft skills session on Nature versus Nurture and various baseless proofs that people carry around without doing proper research.I know that I am expected to give my best, and to produce amazing results but in the spirit of excellence, I want to do more than is expected, to believe in my abilities to deliver, to learn how to handle pressure and also to be able to stand the heat. Until next time……….

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