Have you ever had a bad day? the kind where the whole world seems to be working against you, yaaaani its like there are forces that are being paid to drop obstacles every few minutes. I woke up today feeling like I could conquer the world(my alarm is the Imagine dragons song I am on top of the world. you see how good I felt??). I had been working on the HTML and CSS code academy course yesternight and I figured I had mastered all the concepts right???
Ever seen that meme on math where the teacher teaches 1+1=2 in class and the exam question states, “john has four apples and gives away one calculate the mass of the sun” , I have never related to that meme more than I did today. I kept looking at the time and back at what I had on my notepad and hopelessness was seething through the cracks of my psych. I kept repeating every one of my mantra’s like they were magical spells of sorts that would somehow redeem me .
It took me a while to accept that trying to submit the Binary Search repeatedly would not make it submit. I tried it over and over changing various things on my IDLE but the tests kept passing but still wouldn’t submit the Andelabs. SEE WHAT I MEAN?? Then , out of nowhere, my mouse decided that it was tired and my computer followed suit. What did I do Lord?? I think I have never been more scared . I took a step back and decided to breathe in and out(In that primary school way where you gulp air in huge intervals).
This seemed to calm me a little. I restarted my machine and my sweet mousepad was back to service. I broke down my tasks on a piece of paper and decided to do each at a time. They say that if you are still trying you have not failed and God knows I am not giving up on this, fingers crossed and back to the drawing board. Andela Bootcamp day 4.

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