Purk Development Update: July

Resync, Reconnect & Restore from seed in GUI wallet

First of all, apologies for the late development update this month. As with all things development we’ve found ourselves incredibly busy and with not enough hours in the day. We’ve been making good progress with the public Purk Button API which is looking on target for release in late August. We’ve also added a couple of new features to the GUI wallet and made some general improvements throughout the Purk core.

Resync Blockchain

When the Qt application is not closed down correctly or for any reason the Purk blockchain is corrupt due to resources, internet connection failure or system crashes; we have added a “Resync Blockchain” feature that will download an up-to-date version of the blockchain and automatically correct any issues a user is having within the GUI.

Resync blockchain in GUI wallet

Before this was implemented, users would have to manually delete the blockchain and resync from new. The resync feature allows you to do this automatically directly from the “Connections” page in the wallet eradicating the need for manual intervention or using terminal to delete the old blockchain.bin.

Reconnect to peers

We have added a new feature to the GUI wallet which will allow users to reconnect to peers in case of an internet disconnection whilst they have the GUI wallet open.

Reconnect/restart daemon in GUI wallet

Now, if your internet connection drops or the wallet has disconnected and your peers drop to 0 a “Reconnect” button will show on the “Connections” screen and the GUI wallet will search for new peers to reconnect to automatically.

Restore Wallet from Seed in GUI

Last month we implemented restore from seed in Simplewallet, this month we have rolled this feature out to the GUI wallet also. Now Purk GUI wallet users can restore a wallet with their 24 word seed via the “Wallet” page of the GUI.

Restore wallet from seed in GUI wallet

Restoring your wallet from seed can take some time. Please be patient whilst the wallet scans the blockchain and restores your transactions and balance.

Console Error Improvements

We also made many improvements to core and wallet console errors from the previous forked code. These were minor alterations but hopefully should be a lot easier for users to understand the exact issue they are facing as we are now using the correct English terminology, spelling and grammar when displaying console errors.


Purk has a number of official online resources where you can find out more information about the cryptocurrency, technical details, future plans, news and announcements.