Living Life on a Grand Scale

Some incidents at times make you ponder on the way life works or as it should. when our belief systems are challenged by an out ward entity which triggers the emotions inside your being and propels you to evaluate, ponder and look into the way you are.

At times we stand at a crossroad which makes you to ask what is right and what is wrong?

What is profound and what’s shallow?

Who is important and who’s not?

And there are endless questions arise in our ever fleeting mind.

Being thinking animals as we are, we always base our existence on some belief system, may be it our own self, our liking and disliking, our ego, our family, love, emotions, money , friends, religion, our different passions, and some times nothing in particular but that in itself being something. without a belief system and a power of judgement we are not alive. It drives us as long as we are conscious and living. It’s the last step of our every subsequent step we take in life.

There are various forces at work in this physical world which governs human lives and makes the world such diversified and dynamic. The more powerful the belief the more it progresses and captures the human spirit. If we see the physical world, it’s nothing but a flow of powerful energy emerging from the creative power of the Mystic thing we call life. Every living or non living entity we come across in our physical world with our conscious sensory organs is a temporary form of energy. This keeps on flowing throughout the universe from the time without beginning to the infinite future.

At every given moment this energy validates it’s past and creates it’s future. The energies which are in the full bloom in the form of life, these entities have more power than their nonliving counterparts to create and alter the course of action of energy.

If we consider only the living entities having the faculty to judge or distinguish, consciously or sub consciously the human race has been searching the most correct way to invest this creative force of energy. in simple terms the human race has been searching the most correct way to live life.

In search of this answer many great teachers in the human history given their lives to find a way most universal and adoptive to this unending cycle of transformation of energy, i.e the cycle of Life and beyond living.

Great teachers like the Buddha, Confucius and many more great souls bestowed their wisdom to provide that ease and comfort that every human being consciously or subconsciously seeks for.

So in this cycle of transformation of energy we being the sole stake holders of our life experience, and the custodian of our creative energy which ll shape us in future, which is the thing we must hold dear to our heart ? What is the key element which plays the device role on how we become in future or how we affect the other entities around us?

At this point only one word that strikes me i.e “Emotions”. Our energy is transmitted through emotions and that creates similar kind of situations or people around us which are nothing but the reflection of our energy in the vast energy field. Our energy in the form of emotions creates physical things around us and attracts similar things living or non living which are present in the energy field of Universe.

So here the important question arise, how to direct our emotions in the most creative and productive way ?

How we move forward at most of the times influenced by how we have come till yet. From which base we have created most our emotions. If most of our emotions have been destructive in nature it is most likely it ll continue it’s habit unless we apply a greater force of positive emotions for a considerable period of time. As the energy never remains constant we have the greater opportunity to alter it’s type at any given moment with a little effort on our part. That effort may be a sort of religious practice, meditation, deep determination and great motivation on part of an external entity. This external entity plays a greater role here who out of it’s own desire comes forward to help those who seek it.

So what might be the highest form of positive emotion ? Isn’t it a desire to create more and more of that positive emotion in the energy field of the Universe making it a collective force of positive energy. Isn’t it that voluntary effort by an active positive energy who wishes it for every entity in the universe. If we coin all these efforts into a single word that will coin into “Compassion”.

So as living entities, the highest form of energy, if we can generate this positive emotion from our creative life force and emit it to the vast field of universe, it ll create a ripple effect of flow of lot of positive energy in the universe. As the core elements of our present form ll not change and it ll only change into another form at a different time, the most urgent and important thing we can do to contribute this process of universal fight between the positive and negative energy, when we can do our best. That seems fairly wise and adequate as we consider the fact of our future transformation in to a different entity at a point of time.

So in this physical world at this given point of time if we can focus our creative life force and transmit them to create a whirlwind of highest kind of positive emotion called “Compassion”, we can say that we are living on the eternal scale of Life. As it seems, this the work we had to do before, we have to do in present and have to keep on doing in future. The fact being it applies to every conscious living entity.

And if we are aware of this process at this point of time, being able to channelize all our physical and emotional resources to carry on this task, we are living on the highest possible scale of life. We are already living life on a Grand Scale.