Best resources for Deep learners, Machine learning , artificial intelligence, programming, interviews, jobs..

When i was in my graduation , i took computer science by chance not by choice. so then i started finding how to overcome the fear toowards programming and then i bookmarked every important website that comes on my way.

Now i want to put the best of them to you that might help you to go from nothing to the best version of you .


Things that every programmer should know

It covers from introduction to algorithms , data structures, time complexity, Memory complexity, Distributive systems, Regular expression, security, Architecture, careers, Opensource , problem solving, Soft skills, Papers on programming, Coding practice websites.

Link here.

The best programmes for learning to code

it compares top learning websites like lynda, Code academy, khan academy , Tree house, Code HS , Code school, Code Avengers, Free code camp, and it compares all the features from these websites. ultimately its you that decides which is best.

link here.

500 free programming and computer science courses here.

Java programmes for practice

This has number based logical programmes, Number system and conversion, Series based programmes, String based programmes, Common logical programmes, Servlet based programmes, JDBC programmes, Reflection based programmes, Matrix based programmes, Pyramid programmes.

link here.

Developers collection

This includes Resources, Tutorials, tools and blogs for software professionals, developers and engineers.

link here.


Python notes for professionals covers all the topics that a professional should learn and master.

  1. link here.

2. Teach yourself python here.

3. Data camp free python course as blog here.

4. interactive python with problem solving graphs, trees, datasctructures, recurssion, sorting and searching here.

5. python for complexity theory here.


How to become Data Scientist?

Quora hosts several individual opinions of their own. Here there are hundreds of opinions and suggestions that help you to become Data scientist.

link here.

Data science resources

It has several resources raning from Free resources, Data science courses, Data science community, Data science tutorials, Data science webinars, Data science podcasts, Big Data talks, Python for Data science talks, R for Data science talks, Data science books, Data science news, Data science projects.

  1. link here.

2. Python for data science here.

3. Analytics vidhya’s (top datascience platform) comprehensive learning path for data science with python here.

4. one more here.

5. Open source data science masters curriculum for data science here.

6. 60second data science here.

7. Data camp Intro to Data science Free course here.

8. Udemy Data science, machine learning , deep learning course here.

9. Udemy python for data science and machine learning bootcamp here.

10. I ranked every Intro to Data Science course on the internet, based on thousands of data points here.

11. If you want to learn Data Science, start with one of these programming classes here.

12. The best Data Science courses on the internet, ranked by your reviews here.

13. Aspiring Data Scientist! Here are 8 free online courses to start here.

14. 18 Resources to Learn Data Science Online here.

15a. Python for data science — part1

15b. Python for Data science — part2

15c. Python for Data science — part3

16. Randy lao free data science resources here.

17. IBM university here.

18. The Data Science Course 2018: Complete Data Science Bootcamp here.

19. Datamovesme favorite moocs for data science here.

20. Coursera’s applied data science with python here.

21. Coursera’s IBM Data science python course here.

22. Coursera’s john hopkins data science course here.

23. EDX data science course here.

24. how to get your first data science job here.

25. 24 ultimate datascience projects to boost your skills here.

26. Harvard data science course here.

27. Sinxloud data science with python course here.

28. learn data science with 0 investment here.


JIg saw academy full stack data science course here.

Imarticus data science course here.

Simply learn Data scientist masters programme here.

Edureka data scientist masters programme here.

Cognixia python data science programme here.

FREE DATA scinece courses

Data science academy free datascience course here.

Class-Central free online popular courses here.

My analytics mentor free data science course here. how to start ML and Data Science here.

Elite data science how to learn python for data science here.

Data science school introduction to data science with python here.

Alison’s free data science course here.


Machine Learning in 3 months

Siraj raval says →”How is a total beginner supposed to get started learning machine learning? I’m going to describe a 3 month curriculum to help you go from beginner to well-versed in machine learning. Its an accelerated learning plan, something i’d create for myself if I were to get started today, but I’m going to open source it for you guys. This curriculum will cover all the math concepts, the machine learning theory, and the deep learning theory to get you up to speed with the field as fast as possible. If anyone asks how to best get started with machine learning, direct them to this video!”

link here.

  1. What to do after completing Andrew NG machine learning course?

link here.

link1 here.

2. Top 15 machine learning books link here.

3. Free training resources for AI & ML link here.

4. Awesome collection of top machine learning course link here.

5. how do i learn machine learning link here.

6. google machine learning crash course link here.

7. Machine learning A-Z : Hands on Python &R in Data science link here.

8. 30 Top Videos, Tutorials & Courses on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence from 2016 here.

9. Github repositories of Udacitie’s all Nano Degree here.

10. The best machine learning course finder here.

11. IBM university here.

12. how to start ML and Data Science here.

13. Machine learning cheat sheet here.

14. Microsoft AI school here.

15. machine learning course here.

16. Learn Data Science & Applied Machine Learning by Doing It Yourself here

17. Machine leaning mastery course here.

18. 200+ Best Machine Learning, Natural Language Process, and Python Tutorials for Programmers — 2018 here.

19. Youtube channels for deeplearning and computer vision here.

20. The most important machine learning books here.

21. here.

22. machine learning blogs by robofied here.

23. the best machine learning resources here.

24. 10 free resources for machine learning and data science here.

25. MIT Machine learning here.

26. A comprehensive list of Machine Learning Resources: Open Courses, Textbooks, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets and more here.

27. common machine learning algorithms with code here.

DEEP LEARNING’s deep learning for coders here

200+ Best Machine Learning, Natural Language Process, and Python Tutorials for Programmers — 2018 here.

Youtube channels for deeplearning and computer vision here.

stanford convultional neural networks for visual recognition here.

Zero to hero in pytorch here.

ucananalytics deep learning blogs here.

A simple yet powerful deep learning library here.

learn opencv here.

MIT artificial intelligence course here.

list of free deep learning clasess online here.

computer vision beginner resources here.

NVIDIA deep learning here.

excellent blog on GAN’s here.


If you want to learn Data Science, take a few of these statistics classes here.

KD nuggets15 mathematics moocs for data science here

The Mathematics of Machine Learning here

Essential math for Data science why & how here

The best online stat book here.

Learn 10 Statistical Techniques to Become Data Scientists Master here.

the best website for math here.

khan academy here.


you can download free e- books here.

download all IT e books here.


Eduonix ethical hacking course here.

CEHv9 -Ethical Hacking Course here.


1000+ Free english lessons with ESL worksheets → link here.


Jobs posting websites

especially if you are in india, this website posts all the vaccancies from top MNC’s like Amazon, Facebook, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, so on..

link here.

interviewbit here.

how to get your first data science job here.


4K HD Wallpaper collection

it has awesome collection of wallpapers ranging from festivals to animals, foods, Collapse, art, cars and bikes, celebrities, food, games, and everthing.

link here.

Pixabay here.

visual hunt here.


Secret codes

all the secret and encrypted codes that help individuals in emergency time and helps them to escape. it had cipher key, tap code,vigenere cipher, Grid code, ROT cipher, Morse code and so on..

link here.

TED talk

jeremy howard → father of AI’s ted talk here.

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