5 tips for making an article successful on Medium

Writing is easy, all you have to do is cross out the wrong words. - Mark Twain

Most of the articles that we read on Medium are interesting enough to make us stay, but at the same time, others cannot even bring us to reading their titles. What makes the disparity so huge that we do not even bother to gaze at the later. We’re going to look at some of the points that I noticed are a common feature in most of the articles that go viral on Medium.

  1. Be Concise: Try to keep the word length of your article to the minimum possible number. Medium’s machine learning algorithm will always show how long will it take for a reader to go through your article and if it’s a ridiculous 15 mins, most users are likely to pass.
An example of Medium’s read time prediction

2. Use images/quotes: Make sure that you use plenty of images and quotes in your articles. If you are able to make pertinent choices, they’ll convey your point in a much more subtle but memory friendly manner.


3. Start with a quote/story: Most articles that you’ll see on Medium, or anywhere else on the internet, start with a succinct story or a germane quote. This piques interest of the reader better and gives him a notion of what is about to come.

4. Original Content or thoughts: This is perhaps the most important point of all! Make sure that you’re writing correct and interesting information. No one wants to read Alice in the Wonderland all over again, just because it was written on Medium. You must have something new to write or an opinion to express.


5. The Flow: There needs to be a flow in what you write, especially when you’re writing without the usage of points. No one wants to read a superfluous agglomeration of words that lead to nowhere. Make sure that you are trying to bring your readers to a conclusion and you head towards that conclusion with each paragraph. If you find this difficult to do, break it down into a couple of points, and then write it as a listicle.

This is NOT a comprehensive list, rather a compilation of common characteristics that I observed among successful articles on Medium.

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