Creativity Diary

The last thing I really wondered about was becoming a storyteller and a biography writer.

When I read about something in my area of work or come to know of person whose life resonates with my present or my past and the dreams of my future I feel the flow.

Dreaming of my future.. painting and reading and experiencing stories… being free with my thoughts and dreams and wishes

I think the last movie that I saw- The Vow where after losing her memory, the character journeys through life once againto live the same life she had forgotten about. What inspired me was the reassurance that we subconciuosly know what we want to be and how we are.. its just about letting ourselves be that and live that life.

When I feel most beautiful, I feel happy and light and inspired and I am writing!

My superpowers are my ability to connect with people, to build relationships, to be innocent and to always find things!

i would be a writer! a creator and a storyteller

I want to use this course to actually start writing without fear and without the preamble that makes me anxious. I want to create something and share it with the world.. I want to feel inspired and happy everyday and try new things!

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