I Confess, My Soul

Alas, it’s a girl were my words,

And in disgust, sighed the world…

My joy knew no bounds

As I heard the loud delighted sounds

Echoing about a new life

Taking form in my womb

Nine months from now

In my hands, will be a new vow

A tiny tot, yet to know life

Unleashed to the world, from my womb

Oh my, facing you, will be wrath and fury

But my child,dont you worry

Sheilded you will be, by my life

Sleep at peace there, in my womb

I can feel you rock and roll

You are already a naughty soul

The most cherished moment of my life

Reaching out to you, in my womb

Are you safe there dear

For there is fright and fear

About a doom to come in life

Just stay, eyes closed, in my womb

I realise i am in peril

I can hear my cry, so shrill

I feel me, struggling fo my life

My soul, please stay, in my womb

Pricks and pins, pain and wires

I find my life has gone haywire

Yet I have to get back to life

For the soul there, in my womb

After long, I open my eyes

To dozens of smiles

Into my hands, they lay your life

My soul that had been there, in my womb

Alas it’s a girl were my worls

And in disgust, sighed the world

None knew the tests of my life

But for you, from my womb

I was petrified by thoughts, I confess

Having known a woman’s anguish and distress

Too tender you are, for this life

With none to fend, not even my womb

Tomorrow, you will take my place

Being helpless, how am I to get solace

All I have is prayers, for your life

And the little soul, in your womb