A simple question for Trump voters
shea wong

Here’s your answer.

  1. You should either do your research or quit lying, because you didn’t present a single claim honestly.

2. He said some illegals are rapists, which is true. Why would I feel bad for Muslims? They are the oppressors, not the oppressed, and unlike you, we actually stand up to dangerous ideologies, not treat them like victims.

3. He never mocked a disabled reporter, that was debunked a while ago

4. a 10 year old clip of him saying crude things? Oh God forbid. Unless it’s Hillary laughing about defending a child molester that she believed was guilty, than you ignore it. Unless you’re Snopes, than you prove the claim was true but report it as false anyway.

5. The housing discrimination lawsuit didn’t even make it to court, since it was such a ridiculous claim. Also, he believed the Central Park 5 were raping people, it’s racist to want to punish rapists if they’re black? LOL!

6. He’s doing more than Hillary ever did. His taxes were leaked, the worst thing was a write off, which isn’t illegal. The email scandal was illegal though, so there is no comparison between those two cases.

7. You bring up Politifact as if it hasn’t been a blatantly biased source. Look up “Hillary lying for 13 minutes straight”, that video alone shows how partisan Politifact is for rating her as mostly honest. You realized “settled” isn’t the same thing as “lost” right? Sometimes people settle because it’s the cheaper choice.

8. Oh a charity that funneled donations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar into Hillary’s pockets got an A rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy? Well you sure have convinced me not to trust the American Institute of Philanthropy anymore.

9. So 1000 jobs were saved and you are crying because of a possibility that some jobs got sent anyway? Uh, you realize that even if that was true, then Trump still stopped 1000 jobs from leaving. Also, you guys raising taxes is why jobs were leaving, so yes, the solution is to lower them, that’s basic economics, it’s cleaning up YOUR mess.

10. Nobody cares whether you guys are giving Trump a chance, Trump is doing great, and he isn’t even in office yet. If anything we take pleasure in your desperate attempts to make excuses in light of his extraordinary success.

11. Uh, What Petraeus is doesn’t even come close to what Hillary did, not even close.

12. What does FOX have to do with us?

13. Whiny claims with no evidence, not to mention you have yet to prove how any of this is even remotely worse to the disaster that is Hillary’s political career. Yea, Trump didn’t vote for every policy that tanked the US economy. Next?

14. So despite the fact that Trump is fulfilling his promises before even taking office I’m still supposed to believe the partisan hacks who swear he is lying? No thanks :) Also, that hate crime claim was debunked, so were the stories people made up for attention. Remember that Muslim woman who’s post went viral after talking about a Trump supporter telling her to hang herself with her hijab? That was quite hilariously exposed as fake. In fact, the only videos that have come out, are Trump supporters being assaulted, not the other way around. Quit acting like you guys are the victims, because you are the exact opposite.

Anyway, yes I do blame myself for him winning, and I do so proudly. He’s done more in his few weeks as president elect than Obama has in 8 years. He’s shaping up to be a great president, and the tears of you cry babies makes it all the more sweeter. Hope that answered your question :)

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