Do Not Fall In Love With A Writer


There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. Ernest Hemingway

Do not fall in love with a writer because…

They will want to know your mind, your favorite things in life, only to embody them and get you addicted

They will never have a shallow talk with you, they will exhaust you and push you beyond your limitations

They will fill your bed with books and notebooks, leather covered notebooks,

They will burn incense and turn Alan Watts audios on soon as you wake up

They will not ever tell you to fix your clothes or the way you look, because they are incapable of seeing your shell

They will wake up to write a verse, or wake you up in the middle of the night just to express the depth of their love, in words, and overwhelm you

They will not race against the hours of the day nor will they care to compete with anyone

They will dissect your history and melt with your dreams until they become them

They want not only to read things to you, but become those verses, in all their intensity.

Do not date a writer,

because the way they will love you will be so pure you may never fall in love again.

They will steal your every first and give you their destiny

They will trust you and believe in you more than you ever believed in you

Their love is too deep for you to swim into, too intense for you to ignore

They will push you away only to see if you are strong enough to always come back

They will make you feel holy, for a writer can only love holiness

They will want you to embrace the God in you, they will see your greatness within all your flaws.

They will fight to win a space in your memory, a space so sacred that no other being can live up to.

Do not fall in love with a write, unless…unless

Unless you understand that their demons are also their angels and that…

Their thirst for saving the world comes from feeling everything too deeply,

Their characters will fly out of the paper and some days they will want you to believe them the way they believe in you

Their naive hearts are tragically poetic and they will love you until it hurts their being.

Unless you want the kind of love that knows no limits and no end,

Unless you are not scared of the thorns and can see the flower,

Unless you are willing to give up your heart and accept theirs,

Do not fall in love with a writer,


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