Letters From Santa — 2 Siblings Share A Special Moment

Meet Cathy Walton, devoted wife and mother of 2. Last year, her and her husband gave their children a special Christmas gift they will always remember.

They wanted a special Christmas since last year they had spent Christmas day stuck in an airport.

Cathy thought it would be amazing to get Personalized Santa Letters for each one of her children. She ordered a letter from Letters From Santa, An online company from Florida.

A week later, she received 2 little Christmas letters. She called the kids down from their room and told them they had mail from the North Pole

They each received a personalized letter from Santa and a copy of Santa’s Nice List.

Cathy’s children have been on their best behaviors ever since they each got a Nice List Certificate with their name on it.

We checked out the website ourself and not only do they offer Free Shipping but you get an added bonus with each order.

If you want to make this Christmas one to remember, order a personalized Santa Letter for your child.

Click here to get your Santa Letter

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