CFP: 14 Reasons To Write Your Next Academic Paper As A Listicle*

* Or Quiz, Meme, Game, GIF, Vine, Vlog, Infographic, Twine Story, Explainer, Or Emoji Essay.

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A new anthology, “Buzzademia: Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular,” will feature academic papers written in a diverse range of popular digital writing genres. Here’s why you should consider submitting to the CFP.

  1. Throw away the MLA style guide and express yourself your way.

2. Reach new audiences with your ideas.

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3. Appear cool to your college-aged students.


4. Just kidding.


5. Distill your entire dissertation into a single animated GIF.

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6. Make some dank memes.

7. Undergo review by a crackerjack team of feline peer-reviewers.

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8. Experience collaboration that’s actually fun.

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9. Intellectually treat yo’self.

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10. Increase your Twitter followers, Klout score, Waze points, Reddit karma and ranking.

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11. Earn LOLs from your colleagues and Likes from your Dean

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12. Write a scholarly paper whose form is as audacious as its content.


13. Enter the world of Like-driven peer review

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14. Trade your carrel in the Special Collections room for an Uber ride to Internet fame.


The edited collection features curators Anne Cong-Huyen (Digital Diva, Whittier College, @anitaconchita), Kim Brillante Knight (Social Media Guru, UT-Dallas, @purplekimchi), and Mark C Marino (SEO Ninja, USC, @markcmarino).

To find out more, check out the formal CFP for Buzzademia: Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular.

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