Mis Raíces

I see the disappointment on people’s face when they ask, where are you from? and my answer is California. Since the answer is not as satisfying as telling them I’m Mexican, they follow the first question with; But really where are you from?


I come from the sweet smell of Strawberries and Raspberries.

From the 831 area code.

From the top of Mount Madonna to the beaches in Santa Cruz.

From crossing the Golden Gate bridge and cheering for the Giants.

From the smell of garlic as I pass Gilroy.

I come from the State where the Grizzly bear once lived.

From the small green house on second street.

From the murals drawn by my people.

From the Raza who stays united through everything.

From blasting music and playing soccer on the streets.

But I also come from “La sierra morena”

From el Cerro de mi colonia chapingo.

From the gold coast of Ensenada Baja California Mexico.

From the beautiful beaches to the grape vineyards.

From the fisherman’s wharf and the seafood stands.

I come from my abuelos, my grandparents.

From my indigenous roots.

From Oaxaca,

From the cultura Mixteca y Zapoteca.

From Jalisco,

From the mexican revolution.

From Nayarit,

From the Huichol and Cora.

I come from the raices that run through my veins.

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