So, if I understand your point, you’re advocating that all useful information be provided for free.
David Koff

gorgeous response. i, of course, agree with you. hence the membership. great article. i’m running for senator in michigan and am surfing around playing devil’s advocate to get a true response on various topics, including this issue, which I suspect will only grow in popularity as vigilante journalists, scholars and researches continue going rogue.

there just has to be a mindful, playful, open dialogue around this stuff so people ease into the transition. micropayments, especially with something like bitcoin, can be wildly successful and common. unfortunately places like visa assess .25 to the transaction, so if it’s two cents for a view, then suddenly the fee has multiplied in on itself several times over.

while not entirely sold that this is the most effective mode to go about it, i applaud medium and am grateful to chip in my five bucks.

raising mindfulness certainly can only add to the collective vibration. ❤