sandcastleU - a university of being

a pilot semester: three months. a group of twelve. live-in.

suggested curriculum:

classes and happenings. . .

art class: dance, music, painting, photography, poetry, theatre, comedy, improv

exploring religions, philosophies, empires, movements, events, and ism

yoga and meditation and flow arts — throat singing, gazing meditation, aerial silks

vegetarian cafeteria — cooking classes

work in the community garden

several walks throughout the day

daily news & media — over chess, coffee, in the nature reserve, etc.

math games and puzzles

a daily ted talk

a daily history excerpt

a daily mystery box happening — a movie, guest speaker, field trip, etc.

learning to use social media — facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. as tools

daily task — group chore

readings. . .

dharma bums by jack kerouac

fountainhead by ayn rand

become what you are by alan watts

the book by alan watts

essays from nietzsche, schopenhauer, spinoza, socrates, and kant

the magus by john fowles

ham on rye by charles bukowski

a selection of poetry, short stories, picture books, and quotes

group discussion

keep a daily journal

semester sandcastles — produce a play, a school newspaper, a mad scientist fair, write a book of poetry, make a movie, launch a nonprofit, host an event, generate ideas on job creation, saving the planet, ending poverty, curing the world’s ailments, create new policy and legislation for our government, etc.

attend one extended retreat

volunteer work you find valuable and interesting

community outreach

periodic fasting

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