Love Trumps Trump

On this day let’s open our hearts towards the new president of the United States of America. He is out there looking for fame, fortune, sex, who knows what more. But what he really needs is love.

The Donald is the epitome of the wounded child. He tries to fill the bottomless hole inside his heart with towers, women, cars and money, but the hole is not getting any smaller. Most of us know how that feels. And we also know that the only way out of the hole is to open our hearts and face our original wounds.

Until then, all of our actions will speak one thing: “Please love me.”
I rarely watch the news or read about Trump’s tweets, but when I do, this is what I hear: “Please love me. Please love me. Please love me.”

The reason he needs our unconditional love is because in his wounded state he is very susceptible to people who want him to do what they want him to do. All they have to do is to ‘push his buttons.’ And looking at him you can see that he is wearing all his buttons on his chest, right there, ready to be pushed.

Let’s pray for Mr. Trump to get better soon. To leave the past and arrive at the present. To be open to being loved. Let’s help him to embrace his hurt inner child so he can deal with his “buttons” himself.

Because these buttons are very easy to push right now. People in this country and abroad can play him like a musical instrument.

The best way to find unconditional love for him in our hearts is to connect with our inner Trump. Feel into that part of yourself that resembles one or another part of Trump. Give a hug to your wounded inner child.

Maybe you can connect to his childish wish for a gold-plated bedroom. Or his inability to look outside of himself. Or the part that mixes up reality with imagination as a child sees fit. We all have little Trumps inside our egos. Give them a hug today. Acknowledge these parts. Make them OK. Love them. Unconditionally.

This is the first step of healing for (and from) this and any future Trumps.

Happy Inauguration Day!

Dr. Laszlo