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Last year I worked with a small group of entrepeneurs. I facilitated them in following a course on Theory U. A great theory that invites people to combine head, heart and hands. To stay open and to listen to each other on a deeper level. To connect to our inner source and share with each other our purpose in life.

This period was very important for me, not only because of the content of the course, but also, or perhaps especially, because we got a bond with each other. We share our stories and dreams, but also our sorrows and pains. This created a beautiful connection.

At the end of this period I realized once more that I need people around me to share and to connect. It makes me feel alive. Working on my own as a social entrepreneur is great, but there are also periods of struggling and loneliness. In former days I was not very open about this dark side of my working life. I thought it was important to make the world believe that everything was going well. I thought clients wanted facilitators who were always confident. I thought showing this vulnerable part would make me less interesting…

Now, writing this, I have to laugh about myself. Because, I have never liked self-righteous people. I learned the most from leaders who show their uncertainties. I even told people it is okay to show your vulnerability…But, now I know it takes a lot of courage to do this myself.

Autumn 2019 I told the people from the Theory U course about my difficulties and my struggles. I let them know that they are really important to me. And I told them about my desire to continue our meetings, were we inspire and stimulate each other.

Although this felt strange and uncomfortable in the beginning, after a while I became calm and relaxed. I just told them how I felt, nothing more, nothing less. No hidden agenda, just open and clear.

And their reaction…? They start telling about their issues and their struggles. It deepened our bond and we decided to continue our meetings.

I wish you the courage to share what’s on your mind and in your heart. It will surprise you what you will receive. As Joseph Campbell said: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

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