Why is it what we are doing?

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Why is it what we are doing? It reminds me of the story once told that was a takeoff on the Tower of Babel. A community wanted to build a tower so high that it would always be a way for people to find their way back home. The tower started with the first generation but as they continued to manually build this tower, it was taken over by succeeding generations (there were no cranes and automation back then to go any faster). By the third generation, one day someone climbed to the top to place a brick, fell, and was badly injured. Someone saw and ran over — upset that the brick was not placed on top.

The moral of this little story is that over time, it happens quite often that we lose connection with the purpose and the humanity behind the purpose. Projects become more about the task and we lose site of the purpose — which in this case was for this community to find its way home should they get lost. Generation 1 was all about the purpose of community and what home meant. By the third generation, all they knew was to keep building the tower.

This incident should be a wake-up call for this community to come together and talk: What does community mean? What is so special about Home? Why are we building this tower?

Jeff HoyeManaging director CPS Consulting

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