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Photo by David Gomes in Pexels

I managed to survive the nightmare all this time, but will I survive it this time?

It was dark and dense. I could smell the wet ground and the mushy woods. Mist surrounded me, making it really difficult to see what lie ahead. I knew I was lost in what seemed like an endless forest. Fear had a tight grip on me since childhood.

I often wondered if the others saw repetitive nightmares like how I did. “Dreams”- I have seen in plenty but there is this one nightmare that I am really scared of. …

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(Nehime) Photo by Lidertzz on flickr

Ruhi woke up with a start!

It took her a while to realize it was a nightmare. The nightmare terrified her, though she could only remember bits and pieces of it. She looked outside the window adjacent to her bed, she could get a wider view of the trees as her room was on the top floor. …

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Photo by KELLEPICS on Pixabay

“Don’t worry I’ll pay the bill" said Ruhi tapping gently on her friend’s shoulder when she was about to pay, handing her credit card instead, to the receptionist.

Once the payment was settled the girls decided to head back home. All five of them, pretty as dolls with a blissful smile on their face, since they spent almost an entire day together at their favourite book cafe - "Bookish Dungeon".

Arya, Moni and Diya piled up all the books they were reading while at the cafe and placed them back on the bookshelves lined up to the right corner of the cafe's entrance, while Ruhi and Sarah were at the billing counter. …


Aswathi Ashok

Writer ✍🏻||Avid Reader ☕📚. I write fantasy-fictional stories with a spooky & mysterious touch to it. I aim to inspire others through stories.

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