The simplest money-making idea to start with when you have no money:

Sell a simple service. Like tuition

  • Can you speak/read/write a language fluently?
  • You could probably get paid to teach that to someone else
  • Prepare your resume so that it is ‘tuition-centric’
  • Build some marketing pillars around it
  • Create a Facebook Like Page — fill in all the details
  • Create a simple website with wix, weebly or hire a team
  • Create a G+ page and get on Google Maps if you’re a local service
  • You could just skip the above step if you like and put adverts up in local cafe/shopping centre/church/local school pinboards
  • You could do the same online as wellIf ‘adverts’ cost money — advertise in all free places — and then tell everyone you know personally and see what comes from that

Doing all the above will take you probably 1–2 days. And you could start making money from today or tomorrow

Now there are of course little complexities in this in terms of pictures, copywriting, making the sale and all. But the fastest way to learn all of these — is to have a reason for doing so — and that ultimately comes from client enquiries.

Then you’ll start learning fast. And this set up — doesn’t need to involve any upfront cost at all

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