Now it is more important than ever to keep an eye on UI/UX design trends if you want your mobile solution to stand out in 2021.

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a game-changer. In fact, the pandemic has had a huge impact not only on our ordinary life, but also on technologies and user experience. In a matter of days, everything has moved to remote mode and millions of people got stuck at home, spending time on the phone and using more online services, such as delivery apps, streaming services, mobile games, social media, online training solutions, and others.

Along with the number of users, the number of competitors has also increased. In the battle for user attention, it is crucial to know what features…

Reviews make the UI/UX agency searching easier, but don’t believe them without check them out!

If you have a web-product, some day you’ll probably ask yourself how to improve it to have maximum profit. It’s a great question. Sure, no one wants to spend their time and resources in vain — especially developers of web-based products. So, to avoid a fiasco, it’s necessary to make sure a product is perfectly ‘packed’ before realising it.

How a professional team that provides UX design for startups can help you with it? Let’s have a look into the matter together.

Why a UI/UX design is so important

The role of UI/UX designers in product engineering is significant. A well-done product ‘packing’ depends on its visual…

How we create UI/UX design for cryptocurrency E-wallet

PayPay web & mobile screens in dark mode
PayPay web & mobile screens in dark mode
PayPay web & mobile screens

A flexible and adaptable approach to development proves to be particularly efficient on complicated projects in a highly specialized niche. Especially, when you don’t have any background. I’m Svetlana Kolpakova, a project manager at Purrweb, and I want to tell you how accepting the lack of proficiency in cryptocurrency helped us to complete the task fast and come up with a high-quality design.

Demand first — UX second

The project is an e-wallet that allows users to buy, keep, and transfer their cryptocurrency assets, as well as exchange cryptocurrencies within one service. The client came to use with a working MVP that had a basic…

Step-by-step to startup with Purrweb — outsource team experienced in MVP development.

If you have a great idea for an app and you want to build a startup, you probably want to share it with other people and become a new Mark Zuckerberg. It’s good that you came up with the idea but how do you bring your product to life? As an option, it will be up to a company that provides software development services for startups. But first, let’s have a look at the product building process together.

What is MVP and why do you need it

MVP (or minimum viable product) — the first version of your app with cut functionality. It reduces the time and budget for…

The ultimate guide how to increase sales rate using UX design

In the last decade, eCommerce as a field has experienced enormous growth and has brought a lot of profit. For example, in 2019, retail e-commerce sales have amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars worldwide. Furthermore, they are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

However, what multiple businesses in the field have learned, a lot of factors can make or break the success of an eCommerce platform. UI/UX design is one of the most influential among them. …

The answer on the question “Why React Native?” with bright examples.

The rules of the game in product development have changed over the last few years. It’s crucial to launch your product as quickly as possible, get feedback from customers, and keep improving it until it’s exactly what you dreamed of. How can a company that provides React Native development services help you with this task? Let’s have a look!

If you’re worried about how well your product will perform with users, and against the competition, a minimum viable product, or MVP, is the solution that could be a part of a smart business strategy. …

How to coordinate team members, set goals and keep tasks in mind? For effective project management use Trello — an online tool with a row of helpful functions. To find out how to work with this app, check out our guide.

Providing a clear process organization is extremely hard without special tools, so we advise having something that can help project managers to control the work. For this purpose, a company may use a simple corkboard hung on the wall with all those pieces of sheets and little drawing pins on it. Uncomfortable, you know.

Nowadays technologies let us work mostly online, so planning and organization processes move to the internet too. From hundreds of free project management apps, Trello seems to be the easiest and the most convenient one. Let’s overview — what is Trello?

Trello: what&how

Roughly speaking, Trello is that…

How often do you send money to your peers? Imagine you are out at a bar with your friends, and when the bill comes, someone says: ‘I can pay for it, and you guys just Venmo me’, or one of your coworkers is having a birthday and all the office chips in on a birthday present using Zelle.

Sounds familiar, right? In confidence, even landlords sometimes get rent through online payment services. Nowadays technologies are so deeply integrated in our everyday life, so they nearly rendered old school things like cash obsolete. According to statistics, more than 70 million people in the U.S. prefer to stay cashless and use peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps to transfer money, and by the end of 2020 mobile transaction volume is expected to hit $396.48 billion. This app sector is booming and blooming, and if you want to develop peer-to-peer payment app, this article is for you.

We have gathered our previous experience…

In the startup world, making software user-friendly and easy to use has become a real trend lately. Nowadays, a company can’t compete on level ground with others in almost any field without hiring a UX/UX designer or collaborating with UX agencies. These fields include web design, mobile app development, SaaS, and even B2B products.

Demand generates supply, so there appear more and more UX design agencies. The quantity, however, does not always result in quality. The high number of UX companies makes it harder to find the one that suits your needs the most.

When the success of your project depends on the quality of the UI/UX design, choosing the right user experience agency to work with is an extremely important task. What makes it even more difficult is that not all top UX agencies are well-known in terms of skills. …

In 2021, it’s hard to find people who prefer calls and real communication with staff to texting messages and making orders online. It’s a large problem for night clubs: guests have to wait for servers, talk to them, and then wait for an order to come. Plus, it’s a difficult task for a club to control cash flows: who paid, and who didn’t.

What if all these tasks were handled with text? Read the case study to know how the Purrweb team managed to develop five apps at once that minimize personal contact.

A little less conversation, a little more action

Lockdown became the word of 2020and a reason to develop new technologies and mobile apps. In April 2020, when the first wave of Covid-19 began, we got a request from Vernand Morency — a former professional football player. His idea was to create a system of apps for night clubs that would minimize personal contact and increase the business efficiency.

But lockdown didn’t cancel the eternal problems of clubs: you’re…


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