Wow. You get paid to do a job. You agreed to the wages when you accepted the job. You get full benefits, for free. You are required to pay your dues for only a year in customer service before they turn you loose writing memes and tweeting for a living. You chose a college major without high-income job prospects. They give you free food at work. You live in the single most expensive region in the country. You have a job (or, had a job) which tens of thousands of unemployed people would gladly do, without complaining. You are a textbook example of the Millenial Whiner, someone raised in an environment where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. You even have the gall to ask people to bail you out financially, when you were terminated by publicly berating your employer, who by your account pays you what you were promised, gives you a benefits package to die for, and even throws in perquisites like free food. You need to grow the fuck up. Life doesn’t just hand you whatever you want on a silver platter. You’re young. Keep a copy of your article in a file. Don’t look at it again until you’re 40. Clearly you don’t currently see how obnoxious you are, but, one would hope that the 40-year-old you will have learned enough about life to see it.

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