Mindle Reminder App Inside Story.

My 2 years daughter was hospitalized, it was late night my wife and me were both tired and sleepy but we have to monitor our daughter drip so we can inform on duty staff member before the drip finishes.

I had a new iPad mini1 so I tried to set multiple reminders to remember and in case if we fall a sleep, but in this case Reminder app was not useful, so I set multiple reminders on my Nokia bar phone.

After that I feel the necessity to develop such an app that must be trustworthy, simple, easy to understand, quick to use and useful for important matters (like mine) and of course in daily routine as well.

I started the research and development of Mindle Reminder app,

  • The first target is to minimize the engagement of user in the app, so user can very quickly do what he/she wants and move on, like user don’t have to bother to save or navigate back, user can directly lock the phone or press the home button or terminate the app, app will handle things by itself, no worries.
  • Reliability is the building block, app must not fail for which it is designed for.
  • It also works perfectly and seamlessly in different time zones which is set in the phone, its useful for frequent travelers.
  • Two kind of reminders can be set timed based and location based.
  • Glowing and blinking indicators help easily see active and delivered reminders.
  • Time tracking is really helpful to quickly see the days & time remaining for all reminders in just one quick look.

Try the app for full experience.

It took me around a year and I successfully launched Mindle Reminder App on Apple App Store.

Please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/mindle-reminder-app/id1173005726?mt=8