Here’s How to Make Your Home Reflect Your Awesome Spirituality.

Purusha Radha
7 min readJun 10, 2023

For people on the spiritual path, the home should feel more than a safe space. It should feel sacred—like a womb that feeds and nurtures you.

Our homes support us on our spiritual journey but only if we’re mindful about them. They should uplift our Spirit and feel almost like we’re living in a temple.

This doesn’t mean we have to spend big money on furnishings to make a house a spiritual home. It really means our home reflects our spiritual essence — who we are within.

And this can be done simply and inexpensively.

The moment we walk in the door of our home we should feel immediately better. Pouring through that door should be a relaxed welcoming energy of calm, peace, and love. This is because our home aligns with who we are. It honors us and we honor it. It is holy. Sacred. Wonderful.

The sacred home allows energy to flow. And if we’re tuned in to these energies, we know the minute they get stuck. Then we can rearrange, throw out and cleanse our environment.

In fact, the way we decorate and position furniture and objects shouldn’t stay the same forever. We should be open to mixing things up every once in a while. We should definitely mix it up whenever we feel not so comfortable in the home. That’s a sign that energy is stagnant.

What’s a symbol in sacred geometry that speaks to you? Seriously think about prominently displaying it on the wall or as a decorative object. Spiritual people tend to naturally gravitate to sacred geometry. My favorite is the star tetrahedron.¹

Two star tetrahedrons form the Merkabah spiritual vehicle

What kind of lighting do you use in your home? Fluorescent and bright piercing cool lights aren’t all that healthy. I prefer lamps with warm lightbulbs and lampshades that diffuse the light in an inviting way.

How about candles at night? They truly can create a holy effect that brings calm to your being. The best choice is unscented because most scented candles use fake unhealthy fragrance. Pure beeswax is a top-of-the-line choice. Beeswax candles emit wonderful negative ions into the air to help purify it.

Using an essential oil diffuser will charge your home’s air with negative ions and high vibration too. Just be sure you use real essential oil. Many of them on the market are synthetic and not good for you. My favorite is sylvester pine essential oil.

Bring the outside in if you can. Fresh flowers from your garden, more so than from a flower shop, elevate the energy.

Hang quality chimes outside so that you can hear them inside when the breeze blows. Depending on the chimes you get, they can have a healing effect.

Better to invest in one set of quality chimes than buy several cheap ones that offer less vibration and tone. I love to lay in my bed and listen to my chimes play different sets of notes according to the way the wind blows. They bring a smile to my face every time.

Pictures on your walls should be messages from your heart. If a picture is chaotic, it’s going to give chaotic energy to your home. I love giant pictures of the Buddha. They immediately bring calm not just to me but to my visitors.

Back several years ago, I was terribly unhappy. All I wanted was to be happy once again. I so happened to find a large beautiful picture with roses and a touching message. The words written in gold script said: “She designed a life she loved.” Sold!

I put it on my bedroom wall and couldn’t help but gaze at it daily. Within a year, I was living a life of happiness and joy.

Did I create it because gazing at that message kept me focused on my desire? I think so. Whatever we focus on grows in our lives.

Similarly, do you have a vision board with all your heart’s desires posted somewhere in your home? If not, seriously consider it. Spiritual people are conscious and deliberate creators! You will be amazed at what happens in your life.

For my vision board, I use a large padded fabric photo bulletin board. That way I can pin pictures and messages onto it and easily rearrange or change elements. And I don’t try to find pictures in magazines. I find most on the internet and print them on photo paper with my printer.

Every morning I sit and gaze at my fabulously wealthy life in all its aspects. These aspects include my spiritual growth, service to others, relationships, financial, travel, and home. And I know every element on that board will soon be reality. (It’s proven out that way all through my life.) Not only that, the pictures and messages themselves add upliftment to my room and to me whenever I look at them.

Maybe you like certain crystals or stones. They all have consciousness and radiate vibration. So if you love them, why not decorate with them? My crystals are mostly on my altar which brings me to my next suggestion.

Your altar. If you’re practicing a spiritual life, you should have an altar in your home. This is supremely important. It says, “A spiritual Master lives, moves and has its being here.”

Find a nook or a shelf and create your altar how you feel to. It can have pictures of spiritual masters, statues, bells, crystals, candles, and healing tools.

Be sure to rearrange the items on your altar every once in a while. Also keep everything on it free of dust. This keeps the energy fresh and moving. My altar is in my bedroom.

And speaking of the bedroom, this room should be your sanctuary of sanctuaries. This is the place after all where you rest and your body repairs itself in the night. The place where you sleep is holy so treat it that way.

Your bed and bedding don’t have to be ultra-luxurious. Still, they should be fit for nobility. Because who you are is royal from other realms and from eons ago.

Did you ever think of decorating your bedroom with royal colors? I’ve done this and it’s just totally nurturing to my Spirit. It also reminds me daily and nightly of who I am.

Take great care in the arrangement and upkeep of your bedroom. Be sure to keep it neat, tidy, clean and beautiful. Make your bed in the morning so you have something wonderful to get into at night. It also creates a more beautiful energy. Bring negative ion producers into your bedroom like a houseplant or himalayan salt lamp.

Try not to put too many things under your bed if you can help it. Energy needs to flow all around your bed. If you must store under the bed, keep it orderly with spaces in between boxes.

Music is probably one of the most obvious vibration producers. So play wonderful harmonious music that you love. This will fill and uplift your home with positive energies and vibration. Even when you’re not home, leaving music playing will do its work while you’re gone. You then return to your high-vibe home with music welcoming you in.

When it comes to storage, don’t just shove items anywhere there’s a space. Chaotic storage is “noisy” meaning bad vibes get created.

Arrange like items with like. Store them in nicely labeled boxes and in an organized way. Create a specific space for every single thing. This eliminates chaos and confusion. Chaos and confusion are low vibration.

To be efficient with your time, handle everything as you are organizing only once. Make an immediate decision to keep, throw out or give away as the organizing experts say.

Pare down. Clutter creates stagnant energy in the home. Paring down doesn’t mean you have to go down to next to nothing. You can still have a cozy home and it be zen-like at the same time.

Discard what doesn’t spark joy as Marie Condo likes to say. But she’s right. This is key to a zen-like home.

Decorate with as much natural material as possible. Use plastic only where water exposure is possible. Natural materials just feel better and there’s a reason why. They’re closer to living than synthetic materials.

Cover your television when you’re not using it with a spiritual design tapestry. Keep cords neat and untangled. Tangled cords create chaotic energy.

Turn frayed ends of things out of sight. It’s all about energy and frayed ends of fabrics and materials create less elegant energy.

Keep countertops as bare as possible to allow the energy to flow and support you.

Sweep your non-carpeted floors almost, if not, daily. There’s something meditative and humble about sweeping.

Keep your whole place clean and tidy. There’s a reason for the adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Cleanliness and purity just seem to radiate spirituality and the divine essence.

In the end, decorate and arrange your sacred spaces according to the way you feel. Your feeling nature and your Spirit will know exactly what to do.

When you create something new in your spiritual home, sit with it to see how it feels. Rearrange or rework until it feels just right.

And just as importantly, choose everything in your home that reflects YOU. This includes not just objects but colors, materials, energies and arrangements.

Some may call this feng shui,² but to me it’s about even more than that. It’s about creating a temple to live in that gives you life, love and healing. God knows, we all need more of that these days.

Purusha Radha
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¹ A star tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid composed of two intersecting tetrahedrons; it is an ancient symbol for balanced energy; it is also called Merkabah which is the transport vehicle of the spiritual human being.

² (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.