Human or an appendage to a computer?

IT sector generates 8.9 million jobs in India as of year 2012 and is today considered as the most exciting and growing field to work in.Amongst these 8.9 million 80% people hate their jobs or dread the sounds of alarms every morning.Their only reason to work is the high pay cheques these jobs provide in return of their mental and physical (in form of providing virtual perks and money) captivity to their company.Their maximum energy is channelised in putting others down and impressing their bosses for promotions rather than actually benefiting the company.

Capitalism has gripped on the society so tightly that people don’t even consider switching careers even if their job is not all they wanted to do when they were kids.It has closed eyes to such an extent that people have forgotten jobs could be about fun and learning too.A person is defined by his monthly earnings,making him a mere appendage to his machine.Productivity,efficiency and deadlines defining their schedules.In this process he looses all individual character and all charm for the workman.As repulsiveness towards the work increases he ends up ruining his personal life too.The result-
The capital earned becomes independent and has individual character while the living person is dependant and has no individuality.

Working in IT sector seems like the most simple and easily acquired knack for survival but at what cost? The only reason of people not being satisfied with their jobs is because of keeping money as a prior incentive during job selection. Most of us have 80,000 working hours in our lives.Why not make an investment of 3% of that time to just think to what to do in that 97% of time?Because at the end it is all about being excited to wake up every morning.