The Role Of Pr In Reputation Management

reputation management

Public relations have to focus much lesser on the product-related news and they have to focus more on helping organisations so that they are able to build their reputation and improve that.

Every business knows the importance of attracting investors and talent. This is a shift that now needs business communication to utilise a more holistic approach. Public relation is a lot abut ensuring that organisations have a good reputation and not just the organisation, it is also about the staff and the overall brand. This indirectly implies that the communication is not just restricted from brand to consumers but they also include stakeholders which include customers, employees, potential customers as well.

The Public relations market in India has a great potential to get involved and ultimately became leaders of reputation management. Advertising is gradually on the wane and it is losing its impact because it is a one-way communication and brands require something completely different . Brands have to go beyond the said word and make the users experience. They have to build up multiple conversations on multiple platforms. There is a great room and also the need of the hour for an integrated approach which does definitely include content as well. Ad this is the core strength of Public relations and that is the main reason behind it being a perfect fit. This is more of a business that is about storytelling and content creation and the brand custodians very nicely comprehend that.

It is almost mandatory to adjust Public relations to these new demands and bring about evolution in the way it works if in case the PR industry wants to benefit from this opportunity. For example, consumer panels, potentially focus groups, monitoring and research are all required in order to measure a brand’s reputation. And a lot of this is required before or after a campaign, it would actually be of a lot of help of the agencies focus all of their energy into consulting and implementation instead of self-measurement because the role of measurement should be in order to check the return on investment but as a never-ending appraisal of whether things are on the right track or not.

Agencies have to metamorphose themselves into consultancies that offer 360-degree communication solutions on all areas be it the traditional broadcast media or the new social media.

The talent as well needs to be addressed. The PR generalists will perhaps be transformed to the PR profession hiring sector experts, so that there is a focus on strategic work. Because reputation management or servicing will surely require good quality and specialised workforce and invest in a better quality talent pool is what the PR agencies should try to achieve.

If the Pr industry can incorporate these few changes needed within their skill set , they would be able to overcome the barriers and tap into the huge opportunity to become leaders in the reputation management.