High Performance Athlete:

Many parents, coaches, and athletes look for quick fixes for performance.

They hire 20 different hitting, pitching, and fielding coaches.

They jump from team to team because of “better opportunity.”

Many times they disregard one simple component of Human Performance that has MASSIVE IMPACT on an athletes, speed, power, agility, “condition,” and stamina.


Any athlete that has skill can play sports regardless of there build. There are all body types, shapes, and sizes in sports.

However, when you have an athlete undergoing YEAR round total body conditioning and is built like an athlete, their motor control through skill development CRUSHES other athletes who may be “just as good,” but lack that one vital component.

This has been STUDIED extensively in horse racing.

A 1300lb horse at 5–6% body fat will LOSE a race by one “length” (8ft) with an extra 2–5lbs on its JACKED bodyframe.

A trained racehorse is thousands of times more “In shape” than most elite human athletes.

So next time we as parents & coaches look for another way to “Improve Performance” I challenge you to take an intentional look into how a methodical periodized yearly training program would help your kids hit harder, run faster, jump higher, and throw quicker.

The less fat mass an athlete has on their body the better off their ENTIRE system works mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.

Plus they just might win more games while having fun!

Andrew Lee-#thervastrengthcoach