Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

Bernie should have run as an independent and probably would have won on his own. He could have been a choice, but his fatal mistake was to run as a Democrat. And as the author Trent mentioned, the facts were there, exposed on Wikileaks to drive the entire Democrat party off the cliff they didn’t see because the drove with their lights off in to the night.

And on balance, Bernie could have run a better campaign with a few more smiles. He was angry ALL THE TIME and rarely showed a sense of humor, not to mention the constant sand and gravel in his voice, it was so annoying it detracted from his message. The finger-waving was also annoying. But had he run as an independent he would have been a choice in the end that would have been the “other” Trump, no matter his anger.

We’re ALL angry at the Republicans, but we can still have a sense of humor when we tell people what a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, anti-intellect, anti-fact dumb fucks the Republicans are.

I wish I could have voted for somebody worthy. Bernie was worthy.

Just a little too angry all the time, and the Democratic party stabbed him in the back. Not to mention the Electoral College, which is an instrument to give votes to the rural minority who contribute nothing to solving the real problems we face. Hillary won the popular vote but as long as the EC exists your vote is really worthless unless you can make it count where the EC favors Republicans. And the Republicans have made sure through gerrymandering that they have the votes no matter what the popular vote ends up being.

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