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How do we know Trump hasn’t already been hacked, and if so, how long ago did it happen, and what does Putin have on Trump?

Have any of Trumps’ family been hacked? How about his friends? How long ago was it? What do the hackers have on these people?

Surely Trump recognizes the problem because in his child-man responses to hacking, he’s confident the hackers were not caught in the act. Did that happen to Donald Trump before?

Lots of hacking involves spreading viruses on electronic devices, and especially if you use Android— there are plenty of hackers that infect other devices next to them — as in standing in an elevator.

And what about his big hogman Rex?? Flying in to Russia, hanging out, smooching Vlad, were any of his electronic devices hacked? Does Exxon have a history here???

Journalists please ask Donald Trump if he’s ever been hacked before, and if he is willing to have all of his electronics inspected by the FBI, CIA, and NSA to make sure he’s secure before he hijacks the White House for his own needs.

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