Please Post-Pone the Inauguration
Push Button Chimp

I like your idea about a “No Confidence” vote as an option, but I also have a couple of ideas that most people are really not ready for.

You ready?

Seatbelt fastened?

I think we should definitely get rid of the Electoral College and just let the popular vote be the deciding factor.

But the big idea from me is to simply get rid of all of the states, and turn them into districts. We would now be “one nation” not a federation.

Yeah, I was right, most people are not ready for that.

Getting rid of the states would actually create the “more perfect union” and we would actually be a unified nation. It would have to be a gradual dissolution and melding of turf, something a lot of people just can’t wrap their tiny little “states rights states rights” pin heads around. But think for a moment how much bureaucracy we live under today.

It would end all 50 legislatures — the so-called “democracy laboratories” elitists like to warm up to, but the reality is, we already live under ONE standing army, and ONE currency. We would not be 50 little tyrant countries that can barely get along, that cannot have their own currency or their own standing army. Yes they get to have militias in the form of state militias, but they cannot stand against the US Military.

Even in the past few weeks since the election we’re hearing about California wanting to secede from the Union. Well, let’s get rid of the state borders and the problems we face would have to be faced as a nation, not 50 little fiefdoms where you live this way and I’ll live this way.

That’s not national that’s anti-national.

When you hear people scream “States Rights States Rights!!” they are living in the past. Our country cannot solve national problems anymore under a system that was designed to clear-and-hold.

We don’t need to clear-and-hold land, we need to come together.

Get rid of the states.

You’re right reader, most people cannot imagine America as an actual NATION, only as a collection of states — a FEDERATION of FIEFDOMS.

Lincoln knew that he had to make deals to keep the entire FEDERATION from falling apart, so he wheeled and dealed to keep it together, to form a more perfect union. He kept the federation together, but even Lincoln knew that some day this collection of little tyrant states would have to become one nation.

Consider that Federal Law still trumps state laws, our currency is one currency, and our standing military is one military, it’s probably time to start dissolving the states and really unifying us from the USA into a real, unified nation where we all live under ONE set of uniform laws.

The US Military lives this way NOW. They don’t have 50 codes of justice, they have one, the UCMJ, the UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE.

Imagine having only one drivers’ license — although the robot cars are probably going to negate the need real soon anyway.

Ask yourself what benefit 50 states does for us for the future.

Yes the stakes will be higher in the short term, but it also means that little tyrannies that are protected by the Federation, and the Electoral College, and gerrymandering of districts will no longer have the ability to thwart the progress and unity we so desperately need. We need more public scrutiny into how this nation moves forward. We can’t keep having these state battles over abortion and drug laws. I feel like we’re in the movie Groundhog Day.

Eliminating all these state boundaries and redundancy will make us a better, healthier nation, and exactly what Lincoln knew we needed, a more perfect union.

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