Please Post-Pone the Inauguration

When did it suddenly become ‘ok’ to be friends with Russia?

When did it suddenly be ‘ok’ to be anti-intellectual, anti-smart?

We put people on the Moon because we used our smarts. Today we see our beloved USA about to be handed to a foreign government — in fact, on election day I felt we had been invaded and conquered when Trump won the election. How did our country get so dumb?

So who am I?

It matters more about what I am rather than who I am. I am a Liberal American Patriot.

A Screaming Liberal. I love being a L-I-B-E-R-A-L. I’m letting you know up front so that you know me. I make no apologies for espousing liberty and freedom. I was even raised in a strongly conservative home, with Republican parents. I know you. I moved on from Conservatism, Christianity, and Republicanism, all at different times in my life, but I did move on. I opened my mind and learned new things. I smoke pot. And I drink. And I live life with only one rule: public safety. If what I do does not impact public safety, then I’m in.

I am not a “limousine liberal”, I don’t have wealth, I am barely ahead of the game and could just as easily as anyone end up on the street and become homeless. I work in the tech industry, on the West Coast of the US, and a lot of the time in Silicon Valley. Been doing it for a long, long time, over 20 years. I make a good amount of money but still stuggle.

I’ve been replaced by H1-B guest workers more times than I can remember.

As an American I have almost no worker protection from off-shore companies coming here and displacing me, even though I know I have light years more experience and training than most of the off-shores I was replaced by. I’ve been treated like a foreigner in my own home country. I recently met a traveler from China, while I was in Silicon Valley, who asked me “are there other foreigners like you where you work?” So believe me, I am closer to you than you might imagine.

But I do believe in strong education, strong govt-sponsored health care that we currently give to our military and seniors, and Congress, and we should all have the same for all of our citizens. And I believe we should be putting Americans FIRST where ever we can, and end the labor law abuse that lets foreigners come and sneak in ahead of Americans — or replace them — all within the law.

I do believe in calling out bullshit on Islam, and you will see me talk more about it in the weeks ahead. Islam is a dirty, shameful ideology that has no place here in America. It is completely incompatible with modernity and our Constitution. Tell me how Islam reconciles with our nation and I’ll listen but I already did the research, bought a bunch of books, dug in and came to my own conclusions.

America should be taking care of Americans.

It can’t always be about “if you don’t work you don’t eat, and don’t get a roof”.

Soon, with the advent of advanced robotics and automation, 30–40% of the US population will be unemployed — and unemployable — through no fault of their own because of automation — and no President, legitimate or not, will be able to solve the problem. We won’t have an unemployment problem because of foreigners, it will be because of the advances of automation and robotics, affecting and effecting the biggest social change in over 100 years. It’s coming.
The industrial revolution is over. We already have a growing population of people that do not know how to earn a living to be self-sustaining. You may be one of those people — and I may join your ranks soon, so I am getting ready for it.

This is why we’re now seeing a ‘citizen base income’ being shopped in the press, it’s coming, get ready for the bots, get ready to be unemployable, and get ready to become a ward of the state, no matter how in-demand you are right now. Even doctors and lawyers are on the table, even all that education and privilege won’t protect you completely from what’s coming. Health care, legal, everything.

If you check Wikipedia for the definition of a Liberal you’ll find yourself in good company, even if your political and religious views are different from mine. You will also find a good backgrounder on Conservatism over at Wikipedia, they have an amazing amount of historical information about these two points of view, and I think before you read the rest of my article you should first understand my world view. I like to think you’re probably more like me than you might want to admit, but I’ll leave the final analysis up to you.

So let’s talk about the election.

After hearing the news over the past couple of weeks about Russia’s interference in our elections, we have to ask ourselves the bigger question, if the Russians actually did hack in, and actually did interfere, wouldn’t it be even easier to hack into Donald Trumps’ electronics and information systems way before the election — especially since he’s always on Twitter, and other social media? Maybe he’s even found out it happened, most companies don’t like to talk about it. The scary part is, HOW LONG HAS THE HACK BEEN GOING ON?

Trump is not exactly Mr. Information Technology, he can barely talk about technology other than being a consumer of it. How he speaks tells you everything you need to know.

How could Donald be more tech savvy — more security conscious — enough to elude the most serious state-sponsored hackers is to be naive. Big companies with lots of security people get hacked on a daily basis. It takes teams of people full time to manage corporate security, and every day these people are waiting for it.

Donald has been a high profile citizen most of his life, it would be logical to assume he has already been hacked years ago.

They could have been hacking Donald for YEARS.

What do the Russians have on Donald Trump that he would so simply dismiss a hack? And… Why does Donald even NEED to be President? Is Donald, America’s new Putin Puppet President?

Is Donald the Manchurian Candidate?

If I had the kind of ca$h Donald has, the last place I would want to be is in Washington, D.C, even less, the White House. For a guy like Donald he would get quickly bored with the routine of DC life.

I would probably want to be on an island in the Greek Isles, or South Pacific somewhere, in a big house, all the things I want, and away from all the noise and problems. I would travel around a lot, making my life on my own terms.

The last thing I would want is to be locked into one city, one job for the next four years — it’s glamorous, but it’s also a lot of commitment to a lot of stuff most people wouldn’t want to do if they had the kind of money Donald Trump supposedly has. It doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense for a guy like Donald to tie up his life in the White House. There is a mismatch here.

The Presidency is a precious, sacred trust we hand over to someone we know has our best interest at heart in the dark of the night when nobody is looking, when there are no screaming fans cheering the President on. The decisions the President makes on a daily basis require him or her to be focused and engaged on a multitude of issues that require focused thought, and input from intelligence.

Donald has displayed so many non-Presidential, embarrassing personality traits it’s impossible for somebody like me to believe anything he says, and I predicted ( over at Business Insider ) before the election he was a liar, that he would deliver nothing he promised.

Imagine that the Russians have been hacking him for YEARS. They could only dream that he ran for President — and WIN. This is like winning the lottery.

So far Donald Trump has dredged up every single Republican miscreant, hypocrite, and liar known to the American public as somebody he wants in his cabinet, people we were hoping would quietly go away. The list of the rogue’s gallery of Republican sycophants and hypocrites heading up in the elevator at Trump Tower tells you everything you need to know.

So far we’ve dodged the Sarah Palin bullet — but who knows — like so many of these deplorable bad-penny anti-intellectuals she could end up back in the spot light. She could champion the tyranny of the climate denier minority and we’re faced with another 4 years of listening to this bleating goat blather on about whatever comes to her uneducated mind.

Before the election you were warned. Now shit got real.

Have any of those people in the elevator been hacked for years too? Just being in their radius of friends is a great opportunity for one of THEM to be hacked and spread more hacking. Lots of hacking is viral. First a virus infects a cell phone and searches out other cell devices, the rest is history.

Another question I would ask is, why doesn’t the Donald want intelligence briefings? Do they interfere with his breakfast and morning hair shaping? Maybe somebody will ask him a question too close to the truth.

Donald wants none of the intelligence briefings. This is a red flag we should immediately ask why.

Let’s post-pone the inauguration until we can figure out what the HELL is going on. There’s no hurry for our current President to leave, and if there is, we can always allow the Speaker to stand in until we get the facts straight. Paul Ryan isn’t exactly my choice either, but he hasn’t been friends with Putin.

Which begs another question, why would we want a Secretary of State that is a “friends of Putin” alumni too? Doesn’t make sense. But you’ve been warned.

Maybe Rex Tillerson has been hacked for YEARS too??? Last I heard simply traveling to Russia or China is an invitation to being hacked within minutes of the plane pulling up to the gate. Maybe Exxon has been hacked for years and doesn’t know it, after all it’s a big, multi-national company, the odds are pretty high Exxon is a target on a daily basis. And from I’ve seen of his bio, his profile of closet authoritarian scares me.

There’s no hurry.

We should even think the unthinkable, a do-over election. Ask your favorite Republican what they think about that.

As it is most of the past year exposed so many opportunities for election reform that even if the Russians didn’t hack, maybe some other entity could have. There are a few states that have electronic ballots without paper records. How nice.

Let’s post-pone the inauguration, and let’s do-over the election.

Let’s make sure we use paper ballots, and have lots of officially blessed eyeballs watching at every polling station. Break out the purple die if you have to and dunk a finger after they vote.

It’s time to take it serious. Even if you don’t agree with my politics or my point of view I respect yours, and I look forward to you telling me why we shouldn’t stop the swearing-in of one of the worst US Presidential candidates in history, Donald Trump, who supports one of the most despicable world leaders, Vladimir Putin.

I look forward to you telling me why Trumps’ choices so far are 180 degrees from his campaign, almost as if he is being blackmailed by the Russians.

A bridge too far?

I look forward to you telling me why Donald Trump can ignore press conferences, dismiss intelligence briefings, insult the intelligence community, insult, dismiss, and bully people in public spaces, brush off direct questions about his taxes, brush off his blatant conflicts of interest, brush off how his children will factor in, pick cabinet people that are 180 from the people that supported him, and rather than focus on his inevitable role as our next President, would rather hold unprecedented post-election rallies, and do all the things as if to run the clock out.

Trump even dismissed the popular vote, said it was corrupted.

But what if Hillary had won the electoral college and lost the popular vote, what would we say then?

I suggest we do what needs to be done, post-pone the inauguration. Do-over the election.

Even if it means Trump loses and somebody else we don’t like becomes President. At least the other choices aren’t friends of Putin. There will at least be time to get the next Presidential election done right.

Push Button Chimp