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You sir are at the top of my very short list of heros!

I am white, male, in the tech industry and as a child was put up for adoption at 2 yrs old and adopted by a Christian preacher. Today I want nothing to do with 99% of the so-called “Christians” I meet, they scare me, and they are far from the example they are supposed to follow. I haven’t been inside a church in probably 40 years, the hypocrisy was that bad in my youth and it has in many ways gotten worse today. This new “alt-right” and all these anti-intelligence, anti-fact people disgust me.

I felt when the election was over that an invading army had come in and taken over. I was in a depression for a week before I could shake it off.

I have told businesses in Republican-dominated states that contact me for services that I will not do business with them for having supported and even worse voted for Donald Trump.

I cannot do business with people that cannot make good decisions, cannot get past their own white racism and ignorance of the history of slavery, openly discriminate, make bigoted remarks, pejoratives, and act nothing like the “Christians” and “patriots” they profess to be. They disgust me.

The fact that they cannot be decent human beings without the hammer of the law forcing them to be shows their true moral character, and complete lack of truth in their lives. They have no imagination, almost nothing to talk about but small talk, behaving like trolls under a bridge. Their lack of intellectual curiosity, insensitivity to reality and lack of compassion are as un-American as it gets. They are shocked by my response, but I tell them I have one life to live and it won’t allow me to take money from people that can’t make the right choices, and live lives of hypocrisy and passive bigotry and passive racism. If you travel to Richmond, VA, the ground zero for American slavers, you will be shocked at how many whites are still living in a post Civil War America, still upset about their loss in the war. Surreal to say the least.

Today, you’ll see a lot of these passive racists in business, all trying to keep it transactional just like the slavers of the 18th and 19th century. “It’s just business” they say. It would even be safe to say that most of corporate america are more than happy to sit back with glee that Donald will soon occupy and corrupt the White House. “He’s great for business” they say. “Let’s keep politics out of business” they say, while violating labor and civil rights laws at every possible chance. Disgusting people.

I continue to try to “get past it” like so many people have, brushing off Trump, but I cannot. I predicted, and even told people, it’s not just getting elected, think about who this man will hire for his cabinet. Today it is all coming to pass. So I continue my own fights and I will not go quietly into that dark night.

While you don’t get to hear from all the silent white supporters like me, please know we are out there, we love you and we continue our own fights inspired by you! Keep fighting the good fight! I’m with you!

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