The Intelligent Enterprise powered by SAP

If you have been following SAP the past few weeks, you would have had your fill of:

“The Intelligent Enterprise powered by SAP.”

SAP Leonardo is the driving force behind the infusion of intelligence into enterprise business processes with the leverage of next technologies.

SAP Leonardo powers enterprises with intelligent technologies for every business process to create better outcomes.”

How do you make it real for yourselves?

Discover the end-to-end solution that places you and your team at the root of the problem in order to create real problem-solving solutions.

Ask yourself the following strategic questions:

1. Go big or start small? (Recommendation is to start small)

2. What is the gamut of strategic business processes for my enterprise?

3. Sort the list from most to least strategic business processes?

4. Pick one business process based on risk appetite around innovation? (Recommendation is to go for a low risk business process if just starting out)

5. Involve all the stakeholders at key touch points in the executing of this business process from within and outside the organization?

6. Design think how you would like to tweak the business process leveraging SAP Leonardo technologies?

7. Can superior analytics benefit the business process?

8. Can added data from 3rd parties and other related realms of business yield a richer process in the mix?

9. Will enhanced data intelligence help the business process?

10. Will it benefit for machine learning algorithms working on the underlying data?

11. Will it benefit from mixing up time series data from the realm of Internet of Things?

12. Can you factor in an intelligent chat bot based interface in the mix of the business process?

13. Is there some artificial intelligence algorithmic paradigm that can make a difference?

14. List out what makes sense to add to the business process as you go about tweaking the intelligence that underlies the business process?

15. Come back to SAP and check for required capabilities within the SAP Leonardo platform to help achieve the desired end outcome of a much more intelligent business process?


Talk to the SAP Leonardo team to help you with a design led engagement related to your identified business process(es).

Some sample business processes for consideration:

Something for Industrial Machinery and Component Manufacturers to chew upon for thought starters…

Some of the top industries that stand to benefit:

Source: SAP SE

What is the benefit for next enterprises?

If all of this speaks to you and your needs within your organization, then please come talk to SAP and team SAP Leonardo, specifically to help some of your needs materialize into real live breathing intelligent business processes.

Thank you for your time and attention.