STOP The Bickering — Time For Sanders/Warren 2020

Jan 14 · 6 min read
Time for Sanders/Warren 2020

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Tonight is the January debate before the Iowa caucuses begin. The airwaves today are rife with bickering and anger and accusations about what Bernie supporters said, and what Warren is saying about Bernie and his campaign. It makes sense that the gloves are coming off in anticipation of grabbing a top spot in the polls, but it’s also tearing apart the fragile, newly emerging progressive consensus in the Democratic Party.

So I’m asking you to STOP the back and forth — just for a moment, stop and listen to an idea that may change history.

I’m asking you to announce, right now, that you will run together on a Sanders/Warren ticket.

I can hear the groans already from supporters on all sides — the Bernie followers who don’t think Warren is “left” enough, and the Warren supporters who think Bernie is a misogynist, or threw the 2016 election.

But after watching all the bickering over completely ridiculous stuff on cable, on Twitter, on YouTube, splashed literally everywhere, one thing is clear: THESE ARGUMENTS ARE REALLY REALLY DUMB. We are WASTING TIME with virtue signaling, who is more or less “a Democrat” woke” or “feminist” or “progressive” or whatever — while the PLANET IS ON FIRE AND PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM LACK OF HEALTHCARE AND BEING RIPPED OFF BY CORRUPTION AND GREED.

It is looking more likely that only together will you be able to stop the power brokers on this planet: the Mainstream Media, the Establishment Politicians, the Billionaires and Corporate Greed. Unlike Biden or Buttigieg, only the two of you — together — can stop the plutocracy from destroying our country and the planet. Can you put your comparatively slight differences aside, and have a real vision, turn a page, and step into a new future, arm in arm?

A Sanders/Warren ticket is the most important decision you can make to save this country, and show what progressive action truly looks like.

First, let me address the question, “Why not Warren/Sanders?” To borrow a word from Andrew Yang, it’s the MATH. Since Bernie is older, with Warren as VP he can take the seat now, and Warren will still have years ahead of her to pick up the baton and go another eight years. Under a Warren/Sanders ticket, the reverse would be extremely unlikely.

With Warren as Vice President, after four or eight years of a Bernie Presidency, plus another four or eight of a Warren Presidency, we could build a Democratic dynasty that will rival Franklin Delano Roosevelt both in impact and in the ability to change lives around the world for decades to come.

Each of you of course have reasons that you may not like the idea. Senator Warren clearly feels she can win, and that working within the Democratic Establishment is the best way to build a political future for herself and her ideas. (Maybe Bernie supporters can convince her that actually the DNC has not championed progressive causes for decades, not worked to make policy that benefits the 99%, which is arguably how we wound up with Trump in the first place.)

And Bernie may not like having someone as VP who does not fully embrace the concept of “revolution” — a social democratic version of revolution. But Bernie purists have to admit that Bernie alone will have a huge upward battle that may never succeed. (Maybe Warren can assist with smoothing moderate feathers, and using her reputation as a policy genius to get progressive policies passed.)

Picture how effective it would be to have many more millions of supporters behind you. Can you soften your stances to build a sum greater than the two parts? This does NOT mean compromise your demands, but rather work with someone who “gets” 90% of what you’re trying to do. Can you each see your way to “give in” on some things in order to build the most exciting, massive progressive movement for change that this country has ever seen??

Right now, today, we in the United States have a unique, historic, never-before-seen chance to make REAL progressive long term change, if you are willing to do this together — to reach out and show what true solidarity looks like, a partnership for the benefit of the American People.

You would UNITE DEMOCRATS. You would UNITE WORKERS. You would UNITE ALL GENDERS, ALL RACES and ALL CLASSES under a banner of inclusivity, of compassion, of making the country work for EVERYONE and not “just the corporations and the billionaires”. YOU BOTH ALREADY SUPPORT THESE THINGS.

OK, I’m greedy — I want to have the benefit of both Bernie’s radical change and Warren’s passion and fight — this is a combination that can’t be beat.

But why do we have to have either/or?

After watching the media circus and reading both of your policies and seeing what is truly at stake — that we’re fighting when solidarity is what we need to achieve big changes . I believe it’s clear that you can both succeed if you do it TOGETHER.

I think all of us know that all of these wonderful plans will never come to pass without the movement of millions of Americans demanding they be enacted. Each of you needs the other’s help to advance the movement. The two of you together, with all of us, will transform this country!

Either of you individually, Senator Sanders or Senator Warren, would make incredible presidents. But the power of having you both in office would be transformative — not just for four years, or eight years, but TWELVE or SIXTEEN — which can only happen if you run together.

All of us, your loyal supporters, can even think of it as a “co-Presidency” — because we all know that Liz will be one of the most, if not THE most, effective VP in history. Bernie will have someone he trusts and respects to work with. And Warren will have time to continue to build the coalition of supporters to carry her to a winning campaign in 2024 or 2028.

We do NOT have much time. We are running out of time on the climate and social justice and so much more that has been co-opted by the wealthy and corporations.

Today we’re seeing just the beginning of the onslaught by billionaires who want to stop progressives, and who see their chance to fully grab the seat of power — as Trump has done, and as some Democratic would-be billionaire “saviors” would like to do —after which never again will the people be able to regain a footing.

Picture the seismic political shift if prior to the convention, you both agree to truly work together from the two highest seats of power in the world -you would immediately bring an end to the campaigning, the infighting among Democrats of all stripes, and solidify support — ensuring a massive landslide victory in November 2020 both up and down the ticket.

The two of you have the chance right now to shake hands, and commit for the benefit of the American People .

If the two of you work together now, then for the next decade and beyond you will be able to build a momentous era in history. Please prove that you see this divisive moment for what it is — a way to stop progressive action by cutting support from underneath you both. Rise above this divisiveness and turn the political class on its head — for the benefit of ALL the American People.


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