How to Deep Sea Fish in Maldives

Fishing at a depth of 100 metres or more is considered deep sea fishing. There is no better place to indulge in this wholly rewarding activity than the Maldivian archipelago. Fishing is a way of life there and you have the best experts to teach you the ropes, besides, the Indian Ocean surrounding the islands, is home to a variety of big game fish, that ensures just about every deep sea fishing tour is a success. Here are a few tips on indulging in the popular sport.

1. Make a List of What you will Need

If you are planning on deep sea fishing tour in the Maldives, chances are all equipment will be supplied by your island resort. Maldives resorts are generally self-sufficient and like Kandolhu Maldives many offer visitors a variety of activities. Hence if you are lucky enough to be within a resort providing deep sea fishing tours, all you need, is to show up. Make sure to book a guide with your tour, they are generally provided with all tours and know just where to head for the most bountiful catch. These guides will also know the rules and regulations to fishing in the Maldives and make sure all safety equipment is provided; you will notice that deep sea fishing rods and the reels are longer and larger than conventional ones. If not provided by your tour operator, they can be rented from the nearest sports centre.

2. Dress Accordingly

Do not wear your best leather loafers and rather expensive pair of pants; it is quite likely you will get wet on the boat. Take along a towel and wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet in; even a bathing suit is fine, as long as you don’t offend the Muslim natives. Take along a hat and a pair of sunglasses if your tour is in the day time. If you are planning a night fishing trip, take along something to wear over as, night time at sea can be quite chilly. Make sure to leave behind valuables such as jewellery and expensive watches. Even cell phones will have no use on your fishing tour and run the risk of getting wet and damaged.

3. Take along Loads of Sunscreen

Being out at sea means you will get baked by the sun, especially on a fishing trip. It is not easy to stay in the shade and cast those lines. Go prepared, layer on the sunscreen and re-apply as you sweat or get wet. Make sure the brand offers an SPF factor of 30 and above, sunburn at sea can turn into a pretty nasty affair, and ruin your entire holiday.

4. Consider the Possibilities of Sea Sickness

Prepare for bouts of sea sickness, even if you have never suffered from motion sickness it’s possible to develop sea sickness. See your local GP before you fly out to the Maldives, and ask for a prescribed drug that will work for you. Don’t wait to get the medication on the islands as they may not have brands that you are used to. Take your motion sickness medication the night before and following morning; or as directed by your physician.

5. Take Along Plenty of Water

The Maldives is in the tropics and being out at sea for hours on end can cause dehydration. Make sure to take along and drink plenty of water, to avoid illness caused by dehydration. It is best to stay off alcohol on your fishing trip, but as it is the norm enjoy a drink or two on a fishing trip, make sure you balance out your alcohol intake with sufficient water.

6. Listen to the Advice of Your Instructor

An expert guide will always accompany you on your Maldives deep sea fishing trip. Especially excursions organised by resorts in Maldives will have a well experienced guide on board. Remember you are the novice and there are certain guidelines and rules to fishing. Make sure to respect your instructor’s orders and follow the given advice as a means of staying safe and returning as a successful fisherman.