How To Find Travel Methods In Phuket

Phuket is undoubtedly one of the top holiday hotspots in Thailand. Travelling around Phuket is easy however you need to understand the best type of transportation to use according to your destination. Your choices are varied from tuk-tuks, taxis, public transport or hopping on a bicycle so pick what’s best for you.

Travelling to Phuket
Your first travel experience in Phuket is when you get off the plane at the Phuket International Airport. Your first impression of the city’s transportation system may not be the best since there are only two airport taxi services available. In a city overflowing with tourists from around the world, these two airport taxi services dominate their facilities leaving visitors with very few options before heading to one of the Phuket luxury villas in Thailand. Those who are staying in hotels such as Kata Rocks can request for an airport pick up vehicle.

Tuk-Tuk Rides
Do not expect to see the iconic three-wheeled tuk-tuks seen in this part of the world. In Phuket the tuk-tuks are mini trucks painted in red and yellow. Most of these come with funky sound systems and colourful disco lights in the passenger section. Many visitors find it convenient to get around in tuk-tuks especially if you are travelling as a group. The rates on these mobile sound boxes are quite high compared to other parts of the country. Always make sure to discuss the rates before you get in and clarify if the rates are quoted for individuals or the complete group!

Hail a Taxi
Taxis in Phuket are cars with meters on them. The transport system in Phuket is different to other parts of the country since you will notice an obvious scarcity of taxis in this city. Hailing a taxi is not the easiest thing to do in Phuket since you will have a line of tuk-tuks trying to get you in when you stand on the side of the road. The best way to get a taxi is to order over the phone. The hotel staff will provide you with the number or you can always check on the Internet. Check if the taximeter is working you speed off or discuss on a price before leaving.

Hop on a bus
The bus services in Phuket are reasonably priced and easy to get around. The only hitch is there is no proper scheduling and they are not so comfortable. The buses are not the traditional ones we know, they are actually tractors with two benches for travellers to sit. The central bus stand can be found in Ranong Road in Old Phuket Town. Do not expect air conditioning but the cool comfort of the tropical breeze will make up for it.

Cycle around the city
Visitors on long stays usually hire a bike. They are a fun way to get around, however, a bit risky since drivers do not adhere to road rules.

Motorbike taxi rides

You will feel tempted to ride a motorbike since they are so frequently available. If you really want to take a motorbike ride then hop on a motorbike taxi since the roads of Phuket are not the safest place to ride or drive. Motorbike taxis are parked outside shopping malls and street corners. Motorbike taxi drivers wear green vests. Always discuss on a rate before getting in and bargain if you feel the price is too high!