How to Get Into Dalian

Located in the Liaoning Province of China, the port city of Dalian is a modern metropolis that is a popular tourist destination as well. Travellers planning to visit this city and exploring its many sites of interest be it Renaissance style structures or beaches, have several ways in which to get into Dalian as listed below.

01. Air Travel
Those travelling from other countries as well as domestic destinations can use air travel in order to get to Dalian. Within easy reach of the city centre is the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport with convenient links to major cities across the globe. Those planning to visit from within China will find connections to a wide range of airports in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenzhen. Travellers heading from overseas can book flights to this international airport from destinations like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Vladivostok and Busan.

Once you arrive at the airport, you have several options in terms of getting to the city itself. You can look to take a taxi from the specially designated taxi queue, while there is also a special bus service which takes passengers to the Shahekou Train Station, the main train station and Renmin Lu. There are also public bus services which link up to the train station as well as sites such as Zhongshan Square and Sanba Square.

02. Bus Services
Another way to get to Dalian while in China is to make use of the long distance bus services that are available. The Shenyang-Dalian Speedway which offers a link to Liaoning’s provincial capital city Shenyang as well as the Yellow Sea Speedway which connects to Dandong provides convenient access to the city. Those planning to use long distance bus services will find five specific bus stations in the city namely the Beigangqiao, Jianshejie, Liujiaqiao, Heishijiao and Gangwanqiao stations. From these bus stations, travellers can look to get to their accommodation of choice be it a Dalian serviced apartment or hotel.

03. Ferry Services
Being a port city, means that Dalian is ideally placed to offer sea based transport services as well. The Dalian Harbour Passenger Station is both a point of entry and departure that can be considered by travellers. Around a 10 minute walk from Somerset Grand Central Dalian, this passenger station is linked with the South Korean city of Incheon along with other cities that can be found bordering the Yellow Sea. Some ferries, particularly long distance ones have their own sleeping berths as well. Alternatively, there is the Bohai Train Ferry which provides links to Dalian from Yantai which can be found in the Shandong province.

04. Train Services
Those planning to get to Dalian from other parts of China also have the option of utilising train services which provide a fast and convenient mode of transport. The Dalian Central Train Station is the main rail hub in the city and is connected with Beijing as well as cities such as Harbin and Shenyang, the latter of which is linked via an express train that runs daily. This gives travellers the chance to easily access the city and is an ideal option for those planning to explore different parts of the country as well as enjoy a scenic way to take in the landscapes that lead up to Dalian. This is not the only train service in and from this destination, however. Located around half an hour from the downtown part of Dalian, the services offered by Dalian North Train Station is an option one can consider in regard to making use of the China High Speed Rail service.